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“Ugly” by Robert Hoge is a powerful and heartwarming memoir that takes readers on a remarkable journey through the life of the author, a man who has faced more challenges than most. Born with severe physical deformities, Robert Hoge’s life has been a testament to resilience, determination, and embracing one’s uniqueness. In this candid and emotionally charged book, Hoge shares his experiences, struggles, and triumphs, ultimately inspiring readers to see beauty in the most unexpected places.

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“Ugly” begins with the story of Robert Hoge’s birth, where he was born with a facial tumor and deformed legs. Unwilling to accept defeat, his parents decided to give him a chance at life, defying the advice of doctors who suggested giving him up for adoption. Growing up in Queensland, Australia, Hoge faced numerous surgeries and medical procedures to correct his physical conditions, and he endured bullying and social exclusion due to his appearance.

The book takes readers through Hoge’s childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, chronicling his journey of self-acceptance and resilience. Despite the challenges, he found love and support from his family, friends, and mentors, who played pivotal roles in shaping his confidence and helping him rise above societal expectations.

As Hoge matured, he discovered the strength to break free from societal norms, embracing his uniqueness and developing a strong sense of self. He went on to have a successful career in politics and became an advocate for inclusivity and acceptance of people with disabilities.


“Ugly” is a captivating and deeply moving memoir that captivates readers from the very first page. Robert Hoge’s candid storytelling allows readers to connect with him on a personal level, feeling both the pain of his challenges and the warmth of his triumphs. The book’s narrative is compelling, making it difficult to put down once you start reading.

One of the most remarkable aspects of “Ugly” is Hoge’s ability to paint a vivid picture of his life without descending into self-pity. Instead, he uses his experiences to inspire others and promote a message of embracing individual differences. Throughout the book, he advocates for self-acceptance and encourages readers to appreciate the beauty in diversity, challenging society’s narrow definitions of beauty.

The book’s emotional depth is complemented by Hoge’s wit and humor, which provides much-needed moments of levity amidst the challenges he faced. His resilience and optimism are genuinely uplifting, reminding readers that life’s obstacles can be opportunities for growth and empowerment.

Moreover, “Ugly” offers valuable insights into disability, offering a fresh perspective on how society treats individuals with physical differences. Hoge’s experiences with bullying and discrimination highlight the need for increased empathy and understanding, making it a compelling read for anyone interested in fostering a more inclusive society.


“Ugly” is a powerful and beautifully written memoir that leaves a lasting impression on readers. Robert Hoge’s remarkable journey from facing adversity to embracing his uniqueness serves as an inspiring testament to the strength of the human spirit. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the true meaning of beauty, acceptance, and the importance of celebrating individual differences.

If you’re looking for a heartfelt and thought-provoking memoir that will leave you both moved and uplifted, “Ugly” by Robert Hoge should be at the top of your reading list. Prepare to be inspired and moved by the extraordinary life of a man who defied all odds and found beauty in the face of adversity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the main genre of the book “Ugly” by Robert Hoge?

Answer: The main genre of the book “Ugly” by Robert Hoge is memoir. It is a non-fictional account of the author’s life, providing a personal and candid reflection on his experiences, challenges, and triumphs.

2: How many pages does the book “Ugly” have?

Answer: “Ugly” by Robert Hoge has a total of 224 pages. Despite its relatively short length, the book manages to convey a compelling and impactful narrative of the author’s life journey.

3: What is the central theme of “Ugly”?

Answer: The central theme of “Ugly” revolves around self-acceptance, resilience, and embracing individual differences. Robert Hoge’s memoir encourages readers to see beauty beyond physical appearances and promotes inclusivity and understanding for people with disabilities. Through his life story, he inspires others to overcome adversity and find strength in their uniqueness.