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"The Lost Ways Book" is a survival guide that draws wisdom from our ancestors to navigate modern challenges. It offers valuable insights on forgotten skills like food preservation, shelter building, and self-reliance. Discover ancient techniques to secure a resilient future in uncertain times.
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Claude Davis
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By any standard, Claude Davis is an old-fashioned person. The past, when people were wiser, healthier, and more independent, fascinates him.

He firmly believes In the adage “practise what you preach,” so he built the log cottage himself, where he now resides with his wife and two children.

He enjoys creating his own clothes, canning food that he has manufactured himself, and cooking outdoors over an open flame.

He thinks that the wisdom of our ancestors can provide us with the skills we need to succeed in life.

After all, daily life without electricity, computers, the internet, supermarkets, or pharmacies 150 years ago was referred to as a crisis.

Even still, they prevailed; else, we wouldn’t be here.

According to Claude, that way of living helped to create modern-day America and transformed young people from softballs into tough grownups who could handle anything life threw at them.

Reviews of the Book:-

A survival guide, The Lost Ways books claims to show you how to live like a pioneer or Native American. In actuality, it reads more like a compilation of blog postings with bits of contemporary technology thrown in.

It is not entirely reliable, erratic, or off the grid. (Immersion blenders have no business being mentioned in a book that purports to teach “the old ways”).

  • Consider a scenario in which all of the modern amenities of life vanished overnight. The days of using your finger to tap food orders while chilling out in an air-conditioned room to browse social media are over! How much longer could you endure?
  • Most individuals couldn’t live without their home’s conveniences for very long! Modern people have become so privileged that they are unable to survive on their own in an emergency. Things are only growing worse as a result of the development of technology. Even the most fundamental survival abilities are lacking in the younger generations. Feel recognizable?
  • The Lost Ways author wants to change all of that!
  • An extensive eBook containing a long list of “lost” talents is called The Lost Ways. It is reminiscent of the information that our forebears and early Americans shared in common. Electricity, the Internet, and all the other modern conveniences we take for granted weren’t available back then.
  • To survive, people had to struggle mightily. They managed to survive everything—drought, starvation, and disease—by themselves and with the help of some outstanding skills. This book updates such techniques for the twenty-first century and equips you to handle any worst-case scenario that might arise.
  • I am aware of your thoughts:
  • “We have access to food, shelter, and modern medicine. Is a book like The Lost Ways something I need?”
  • Who is to tell that the conveniences you have today will still be there tomorrow? Disaster is always just around the corner, if history is any indication. We are currently dealing with a variety of issues, including global epidemics, economic uncertainty, and environmental concern. One incident is all it takes to completely alter your way of life.
  • You might be able to survive by using The Lost Ways.
  • The ideal situation is that you never have to use the knowledge you get through The Lost Ways. However, if you do, you’ll be happy you have it.

What is the Lost Ways?

The Lost Ways appears to be a digital book with more than 300 pages of survival advice. But it’s so much more than a book when you look past the words! It’s often referred to as a “programme” or “lifestyle guide” by people.

The idea behind this publication is straightforward: It’s crucial to re-establish our roots, after all!

With little more than the sweat from their brows and a small bit of knowledge, our forefathers created this planet. You can rapidly learn about the difficult circumstances our ancestors and foremothers had to face by reading any history book. The developed countries that we are familiar with now were nothing more than barren wasteland.

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