The Hidden Hindu Book In Hindi

Shahista Tensed Up And Held Her Head. Dr. Srinivasan Had His First Surprise As Well. Lsd Had Recorded Every Name Om Had Said. Shahista Had Written Some Notes, Which Parimal Was Reading. Parimal Had A Sudden Thought And Went To See Dr. Batra. Om Was Saying The Name At This Time While Just Partially Aware. 'sir, When Om Adopted The Name Vi…vishnu Gupta, I Thought He Was Referring To The Year 300 B.c., Since Vishnu Gupta Was Chanakya's Real Name. And He Served As Chandragupta Maurya's Principal Advisor. You May Think I'm Mad, But… Parimal Said In His Characteristically Unsure Voice. No, Parimal, I Do Not Think You Are Mad; Rather, If It Is Really Talking About Chanakya, Dr. Batra Stopped Him Midway, Saying
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The Hidden Hindu Book In Hindi PDF Free Download, द हिडन हिंदू बुक इन हिंदी PDF Free Download.

The Hidden Hindu Book In Hindi PDF

इक्कीस साल का पृथ्वी एक अधेड़ और रहस्यमयी अघोरी ओम्‌ शास्त्री की तलाश कर रहा है, जिसे पकड़कर भारत के एक सुनसान द्वीप पर अत्याधुनिक सुविधाओं के बीच भेज दिया गया | विशेषज्ञों की एक टीम ने जब उस अघोरी को नशे की दवा दी और पूछताछ के लिए सम्मोहित किया, तो उसने दावा किया कि वह सभी चार युगों-सतयुग, त्रेता, द्वापर व कलियुग–(हिंदू धर्म के अनुसार चार युग) को देख चुका है और रामायण तथा महाभारत की घटनाओं में हिस्सा ले चुका है |

जीवन के बाद मृत्यु के नियम को भी बेअसर साबित करनेवाले ओम्‌ के अविश्वसनीय अतीत से जुड़े खुलासे सभी को हैरान कर देते हैं। उस टीम को यह भी पता चला कि ओम्‌ हर युग के दूसरे अमर लोगों की भी तलाश कर रहा है। ऐसे विचित्र रहस्य अगर सामने आ गए तो प्राचीन धारणाएँ हिल जाएँगी और भविष्य की दिशा ही बदल जाएगी। तो यह ओम्‌ शास्त्री कौन है? उसे पकड़ा क्यों गया? पृथ्वी उसे क्यों ढूँढ़ रहा है?

सवार हो जाइए ओम्‌ शास्त्री के रहस्यों, पृथ्वी की तलाश और हिंदू पौराणिक कथाओं के रहस्यों से भरे अन्य अमर लोगों के कारनामों की इस नाव पर, और चलिए एक रोचक और रोमांचक यात्रा पर|

अक्षत गुप्ता होटल व्यवसायियों के परिवार से हैं और अब बॉलीवुड के एक स्थापित पटकथा लेखक, कवि और गीतकार हैं। वह दो भाषाओं में लिखते हैं और तीन संबंधित उपन्यासों के सेट ‘ द हिडन हिंदू’ पर कई वर्षों से काम कर रहे थे। उनका जन्म छत्तीसगढ़ में हुआ, मध्य प्रदेश में पले-बढ़े और अब मुंबई में रहते हैं। आप उनसे इंस्टाग्राम पर authorakshatgupta पर जुड़ सकते हैं या [email protected] पर उन्हें इ-मेल कर सकते हैं ।

Akshat Has The Credit Of Successfully Running A Restaurant Chain. Nevertheless, His Penchant For Writing Grew With The Passage Of Time. The Hidden Hindu Is The Product Of Sheer Dedication And Research For Continuous Two Years.

He Is Working On The Second And Third Parts Of This Fiction Trilogy Which Is A Blend Of Hindu Mythology And Indian History. Akshat Is Currently Working On Few Scripts For Known Production Houses In Mumbai.

Mahendra Singh, A Former Cricketer For India, Is One Of The Most Well-liked Players In The World, And As He Celebrates His 42nd Birthday On Friday (July 7), Congratulations Are Coming In From All Over The World For The Former India Captain.

Dhoni, Who Has Guided India To Two Icc World Cup Victories And The 2013 Champions Trophy, Is Regarded As One Of The Greatest Players In The History Of White-ball Cricket.

The Wicketkeeper-batsman, Who Is One Of The Wealthiest Cricketers In The World, Retired From The International Format In 2020 After Playing His Last India Match In 2019.

In Addition To Earning Money From The Ipl And Endorsement Deals, Dhoni Is Trying Out New Business Ventures To Increase His Wealth. The Cricketer Manages A Large Production House, Cricket Academies, Apparel Brands, And Franchise-based Leagues.

Dhoni And His Wife Sakshi Singh Dhoni Jointly Control The Production Company, Which Goes By The Name Dhoni Entertainment. It All Started With The Tamil Film Lgm. Tamil Actors Harish Kalyan And Ivana Play The Lead Roles In Ramesh Tamilmani’s Romantic Comedy.

Dhoni’s Investments Go Beyond The South Asian Film Industry. The Renowned Cricketer Also Bought The Rights To A National Bestseller In Order To Make A Hindi Film.

The Hidden Hindu, Written By Akshat Gupta, Is The Inspiration For The Three-part Film. The Untitled Film Is Now In Pre-production, And The Production Company Will Provide More Information About The Cast And Other Aspects Of The Ambitious Project Later On.

The Former India Cricketer Was Drawn To The Mythological Thriller The Hidden Hindu Trilogy Because Of Its Original Plot. The Book Has Already Sold More Than A Million Copies, And Readers May Also Purchase The Book’s Hindi Translation, Which Was Done By The Original Author. The First Chapter Of The Book Has Already Been Released, And The Second Chapter Will Follow Soon.

Along With The Movie, Dhoni Had Already Announced The Graphic Novel “Atharva.” Ms. Dhoni Made The Following Statement On The Project: “I Am Thrilled To Be Associated With This Project And It Is Truly An Exciting Venture. A Captivating Graphic Novel With A Compelling Plot And Striking Artwork Is Atharva – The Origin. Every Reader Would Be Left Wanting More After Author Ramesh Thamilmani’s Attempt To Introduce India’s First Mythological Superhero With A Modern Twist.

Speaking To Reporters, Bhatnagar, A Retired Indian Revenue Service (Irs) Officer And A Former Under Secretary Of The Union Ministry Of Finance, Said That This Is The “First Poetic Translation” Of The Hindu Sacred Text Into Hindi.

He Said, “Pandit Goswami Tulsidas, The Giant Of Sanskrit, In The Form Of The Ramcharitmanas, Chose Awadhi, The Language Of The People Of North India, In The Mediaeval Period To Make Ram Katha Accessible To The Masses, But Today The Language Of The People Is Khadi Boli Hindi.”

Dr. Bhatnagar Said, “With The Aim Of Taking The Hidden Lessons Of Shri Ramcharitmanas To Every Household, I Have Tried To Translate It Into Hindi,” Adding That An Effort Has Been Made To Employ Common Language And The Greatest Possible Number Of Hindi Words In The Translated Version.

The Author Claims That Anurag Singh Thakur, Minister Of Information, Broadcasting, Sports, And Youth Affairs, Would Be The Honorary Guest Of Honour And That Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Will Preside Over The Event.

Behind Om, Dr. Srinivasan Sat In The Chair. Chinna, Don’t Do This, Please. I’m Willing To Cooperate With Everything You Want Of Me. Om Shastri Asked. Dr. Srinivasan Was At The Centre Of His Fixed Gaze, Which Was Directed Upward. Dr. Srinivasan Observed Drs. Batra And Shahista. Both Of Their Faces Conveyed The Same Emotion. “Please Start.” Dr. Srinivasan Displeasedly Gave The Order. Their Irritation At Hearing The Word “Chinna” Was Evident On Their Faces. Om Was Given Medication Once Again, And Questioning Resumed. Parimal Was Instructed To Pay Attention And Explain His Meaning In Response To The First Question. What Guidance Did You Dispense While Vishnu Gupta? Shahista Posed A Query To The Unconscious Om. The Sanskrit Verse Was Recited By Om—

Shatrav Iva Praharanti Deham Vyaghriva Tisthati Jara Paritrajyanti.
The Chitram Of Ayush Parasvitbinnaghatadivambh Lokstathapyahitmacharati

The Doctor Was Examining Parimal. He Indicated With A Thumb Gesture That The Work Was Completed. Who Did You Mentor In The Role Of Vishnu Gupta? The “Chandragupta Maurya” To Hide Your Real Identity, That Is Why You Became Om Shastri. ‘from Whom?’ And ‘from This World.’ How Do You Really Feel? Dr. Shahista Was Able To Unearth The Secret Solution. The Phrase “All My Identities Are Real” Shahista Mentally Recorded This: The Phrase “All My Identities Are Real”
Om Shastri Said, “What Were You Doing In Varanasi?” ‘search.’ “Search! Whose?” Came Back With Subhash Chandra Bose’s.’ The Colleagues Exchanged Surprised Glances With One Another. Shahista Was Unsure About Her Next Question Or Statement. He Thought, “This Is Getting Weird.” Subhash Chandra Bose Is Dead, She Finally Continued After Taking A Deep Breath. He’s Not Gone; No. Simply Put, They Are Living Under Another Name. Om Spoke Clearly.

I Do Not Think So; I Know. “Why Do You Think That He Is Not Dead And Is Living Under Some Other Name?” What Makes You So Certain About This? Asked Shahista. “Because I’ve Known Him Since The Mahabharata Period,” Shahista Rolled Her Eyes And Opined That Neither The Head Nor The Foot Were Involved In This Situation. Why Are You Searching For Him? Abhilash Was Shaken By The Response To His Query. He Is Ashwatthama, Therefore. “Ashwa… What? ” Shahista Was Unable To Comprehend. After Hearing Ashwatthama’s Name, Abhilash Began Paying Close Attention To Him And Moved Closer To Shahista. ‘ashwaththama.’ Om Said Again. Inquire As To Which Ashwatthama He Is Referring To. Shahista Heard A Whisper From Abhilash. “Ashwatthama, The Son Of Dronacharya, Who Is Immortal Because Of Krishna’s Curse.” Om Responded Without Speaking. Only “Krishna” Could Dr. Shahista Understand. His Words Are Not Making Any Sense, Abhilash Said As He Turned To Face Dr. Batra.

‘who Else Are You Looking For,’ Shahista Enquired. She Spoke “Parashuram’s” In A Voice That Broke. He Kept Asking Questions, Believing That Everything Was Unnecessary. Shri Gupta Has The Sound Of A Code Name.he May Be Mentally Ill, A Patient With Dual Personalities, Or Maybe Just A Little Crazy, Dr. Batra Said. He Furthered. Reincarnation May Also Be A Possibility. With A Mythological Perspective, Abhilash Said. Dr. Batra Did Not Listen To What He Said.

What Alternative Names Did You Use Before Om? Shahista Asked. Govindlal Yadav, Bhairav Singh, Suvarna Pratap Reddy, Bankimchandra Chakraborty, Gursheel Singh Khullar, Vidur, Om Shastri, Hatim Ali Maulvi, Protim Das, Vishnu Gupta, Kabir, Sushen, Jaishankar Prasad, Madhukar Rao, And Adhiraiyan Are Just A Few Of The Names Mentioned. Om Whispered. Like A Poem, Told. With Each Name, His Accent, Tone, And Facial Expressions Changed. Speaking With A Tone Of Strength And Bravery Were Bhairav Singh, Hatim Ali Maulvi, Gursheel Singh Khullar, And Suvarna Pratap Reddy. Kabir And Sushen Spoke With A Wave Of Calmness In The Bankimchandra Chakraborty Style Of Bengali. He Responded Naturally And Without Making Any Mistakes, Which Surprised Everyone In The Room. Even The Most Talented Actors Couldn’t Do It That Well.

Shahista Tensed Up And Held Her Head. Dr. Srinivasan Had His First Surprise As Well. Lsd Had Recorded Every Name Om Had Said. Shahista Had Written Some Notes, Which Parimal Was Reading. Parimal Had A Sudden Thought And Went To See Dr. Batra. Om Was Saying The Name At This Time While Just Partially Aware. ‘sir, When Om Adopted The Name Vi…vishnu Gupta, I Thought He Was Referring To The Year 300 B.c., Since Vishnu Gupta Was Chanakya’s Real Name. And He Served As Chandragupta Maurya’s Principal Advisor. You May Think I’m Mad, But… Parimal Said In His Characteristically Unsure Voice. No, Parimal, I Do Not Think You Are Mad; Rather, If It Is Really Talking About Chanakya, Dr. Batra Stopped Him Midway, Saying

Dr. Batra Said He Was Sorry About The Phone Call. Lsd Arrived In Partial. She Seemed To Be Really Excited. I Heard What You Were Saying. It Was 2317 Years Ago In 300 B.c. Is It Not? Lsd She Said While Air Calculating. “Is It Possible That He Can Travel Through Time Forward Or Backward?” Lsd Was Elated To Seem As If His Eyes Were Opened As A Result Of Rumours. Parimal Said, “He Is A… A Swindler… Besides A Swindler,” Outraged At The Idea.not Six Even.

Satashree Akal, Biji (Hello, Mom) Because His 80-year-old Mother Has Hearing Loss, Dr. Batra Was Speaking More Loudly Than Usual On The Phone. Everyone Could Hear Dr. Batra Because Of How Loud He Spoke, And Since There Was So Much Silence, Everyone Could Easily And Attentively Pay Attention To What He Was Saying.

Even Lsd Has Their Work Stopped, Which Has Stopped Even The Sound Of The Buttons On The Keyboard. “Zinda Rah Puttar! ” Living You Son An Ageing Voice Echoed On The Other End. Banda Bahadur Kaun Si? Ik Gal Dasso Mainu? One Thing, Tell Me: Who Was This Banda Bahadur? Punjabi Was Spoken By Dr. Batra. Asked. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Da Jarnail Si, Puttar, Banda Singh Bahadur.

(Son, Banda Singh Bahadur Was The Head Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji) Was The Response, Which Was Said In Two Voices Simultaneously And With Utmost Respect. One Voice Belonged To The Elderly Mother. Dr. Batra Immediately Recognised Who Had Spoken When He Heard The Second Voice And Turned To Look Back.

He Was Shocked To See Om Responding To All Of His Questions In Punjabi, As If He Had Asked Them Himself. Om Was Answering In A Semi-conscious State. It Was Remarkable. Dr. Batra Was Unable To Explain What Was Happening While His Feet Were Stumbling. He Wanted To Escape This Trap As Soon As Possible Since He Was Already In A Lot Of Trouble.