The Harivamsa Purana In Hindi

"Dive into the timeless wisdom of Harivamsa Purana, an ancient Hindu scripture complementing the Mahabharata. Explore divine narratives, moral lessons, and cosmic insights. Discover the essence of devotion, duty, and spirituality in this treasured text."
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The Harivamsa Purana, an ancient and revered scripture of Hinduism, stands as a monumental saga that complements and extends the narrative of the mighty Mahabharata. Its rich tapestry weaves together intricate stories, profound teachings, and divine revelations, offering a panoramic view of the cosmic order, human endeavors, and the timeless battle between good and evil. With its origins shrouded in antiquity, the Harivamsa Purana occupies a unique place in the religious and philosophical landscape of India.

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The Harivamsa Purana, sometimes referred to as the “Fifth Veda,” is an expansive text that serves as an appendix to the Mahabharata. Comprising over 16,000 verses, this sacred scripture is divided into three parvas or books: Harivamsa Parva, Visnu Parva, and Bhavisya Parva. It continues the narrative of the Mahabharata, delving deeper into the lineage of Lord Krishna, the divine incarnate, and offering insights into the lives of his devotees and the cosmic events that shape their destinies.

The Harivamsa Purana encompasses a vast array of themes, including cosmology, genealogy, philosophy, theology, and morality. It recounts the creation of the universe, the exploits of deities, and the intricate genealogies of illustrious lineages. The text further explores the life and times of Lord Krishna, his childhood escapades, heroic deeds, and profound teachings, capturing the essence of his divine mission on Earth.


Scholars and devotees alike have lauded the Harivamsa Purana for its profound wisdom and intricate storytelling. Renowned Indologist Wendy Doniger notes, “The Harivamsa Purana not only expands upon the Mahabharata but also offers deeper insights into the spiritual and moral dimensions of the characters and their actions.”

Reader reviews often highlight the mesmerizing narratives that transport them to ancient realms, immersing them in a world brimming with divine encounters, ethical dilemmas, and celestial marvels. Many express admiration for how the text seamlessly bridges the epic Mahabharata with profound philosophical discourses, offering a holistic view of the spiritual journey.


“The wheel of dharma turns incessantly, weaving the destinies of mortals and immortals alike.” – Harivamsa Purana
“In the tapestry of cosmic time, the threads of destiny are spun by the hands of the divine weaver.” – Harivamsa Purana
“In the heart of devotion, the flame of divine love burns eternal, lighting the path of righteousness.” – Harivamsa Purana


Q : Is Harivamsa Purana an independent scripture?
A : The Harivamsa Purana is often considered an appendix to the Mahabharata, complementing and expanding upon its narrative. While it can be studied independently, its context is deeply intertwined with the events of the Mahabharata.

Q : What is the significance of Lord Krishna in Harivamsa Purana?
A : Lord Krishna occupies a central role in the Harivamsa Purana. The text elaborates on his divine lineage, early life, and his pivotal role in the Mahabharata war. It also delves into his philosophical teachings and the profound impact he has on the lives of his devotees.

Q : Are there any moral lessons in Harivamsa Purana?
A : Yes, the Harivamsa Purana is replete with moral and ethical teachings. Through the lives of its characters, it explores the concepts of dharma (righteousness), karma (action), and bhakti (devotion), offering valuable lessons on leading a virtuous life.

Q : How does Harivamsa Purana contribute to Hindu philosophy?
A : The Harivamsa Purana delves into various philosophical discussions, including the nature of the universe, the concept of time, the cyclical nature of creation, and the paths to spiritual liberation. It offers insights into the diverse philosophical currents within Hindu thought.

Q : Is Harivamsa Purana relevant in modern times?
A : Absolutely. The Harivamsa Purana’s timeless wisdom and universal themes continue to resonate with people across cultures and eras. Its teachings on duty, morality, devotion, and cosmic order remain relevant guides for navigating the complexities of human existence.

The Harivamsa Purana stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and spiritual wisdom. Its intricate narratives, profound teachings, and divine revelations continue to captivate and inspire seekers on their quest for understanding the mysteries of existence. As a treasured extension of the Mahabharata, this ancient scripture enriches our understanding of Hindu philosophy, offering a timeless roadmap for leading a life of virtue, devotion, and enlightenment.