The Family Book

Discover the heartwarming diversity of families in "The Family Book" by Todd Parr. This beloved children's classic celebrates love and acceptance, showcasing different family structures through vibrant illustrations. Embrace uniqueness and foster empathy with this timeless tale. Perfect for ages 3-7.
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“The Family Book” by Todd Parr is a heartwarming children’s book that celebrates the diversity and inclusivity of families. Published in 2003, it has become a beloved classic for both parents and educators, imparting essential values and encouraging children to embrace the uniqueness of every family structure.

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In “The Family Book,” Todd Parr uses his signature colorful and vibrant illustrations to showcase various families, highlighting that families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. He emphasizes the idea that families may look different on the outside, but what truly matters is the love they share for each other. Through simple and engaging language, Parr teaches children about different family setups, such as families with single parents, same-sex parents, adoptive parents, and multiracial families, among others. The book also touches on the importance of different traditions, cultures, and celebrations that make each family unique.

The central message of “The Family Book” is to promote acceptance, love, and understanding among children and to instill in them the belief that every family is special and deserving of respect.


“The Family Book” has received widespread acclaim for its positive message and vibrant illustrations. Parents and educators appreciate how Parr introduces complex topics of diversity and inclusivity in an accessible and child-friendly manner. The book has been praised for helping children develop empathy and understanding towards others and for fostering a sense of belonging, regardless of their family structure.

Teachers have found “The Family Book” to be a valuable resource in classrooms, encouraging discussions about differences, acceptance, and love. Its colorful illustrations and straightforward language engage children and keep them interested throughout the story.


“Some families are big. Some families are small. Some families are the same color. Some families are different colors. All families like to hug each other.”
“Some families have two moms or two dads. Some families have one parent instead of two.”
“In our family, we help each other. In our family, we keep our promises.”
“All families are sad when they lose someone they love.”


Q : Is the book suitable for all age groups?
A : Yes, “The Family Book” is designed for children ages 3 to 7, but its positive message and engaging illustrations can be appreciated by readers of all ages.

Q : Is this book only for children from non-traditional families?
A : No, the book is for all children. It emphasizes that all families are unique and should be celebrated, regardless of their structure.

Q : Does the book discuss same-sex parents?
A : Yes, “The Family Book” includes families with same-sex parents as part of its celebration of diverse family structures.

Q : Can the book be used in educational settings?
A : Absolutely! Many educators use this book in classrooms to teach children about diversity, acceptance, and the value of different family setups.

Q : Does the book promote inclusivity beyond family structures?
A : Yes, while the primary focus is on family diversity, the book also touches on the importance of embracing various cultural backgrounds, traditions, and celebrations.

“The Family Book” by Todd Parr is an essential addition to any child’s bookshelf. Through its vibrant illustrations and simple yet impactful message, the book encourages children to appreciate and respect the diversity of families and the love that binds them together. Its enduring relevance makes it a timeless classic that fosters empathy and understanding in young readers, promoting a more inclusive and compassionate future.