The 12 Week Year

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Mike and I have been working for the past dozen years to help clients achieve their goals more effectively. Our quest is to unlock the secret to helping individuals and organizations perform at their best and live the life they are truly capable of. We believe that most of us have two lives: the lives we live and the lives we are capable of living. The ultimate life is driven by the optimal you, the best you, the confident you, the healthy you, showing up with your best stuff, making things happen, making a difference, and living a life of significance.This book aims to help individuals increase their current results by four times or more in a short period of time. It teaches how to align thinking and actions to produce staggering results. The key to success is not a lack of knowledge, intellect, or information, but rather the use and implementation of great ideas. Knowledge alone benefits no one unless it is used effectively. Great companies and successful individuals execute better than their competition.The barrier to achieving the life you are capable of living is a lack of consistent execution. Identify areas where you have fallen short or achieved less than you desire or feel you’re capable of. Often, the breakdown is most often in the execution of a new idea. For example, a large insurance company with over 2,000 agents has a perennial top agent who consistently fails to achieve their goals.

Annualized thinking is a belief that there is enough time in the year to make things happen. This mindset often leads to less than optimal performance, as people often focus on short time frames and not the full year. The annual execution cycle blinds people to the reality that life is lived in the moment and success is created in the moment. While many organizations make plans, it doesn’t mean they can put off critical activities and still achieve their goals. The annual planning process, which sets annual goals and plans, can be a barrier to high performance.Clients often believe their success and failure are determined by what they achieved over the course of a year, setting goals, creating plans, and breaking them down into quarterly, monthly, and sometimes quarterly goals. To achieve their best, individuals and organizations must break free from the annualized thinking cycle and focus on shorter time frames.

Organizations can increase their results by 50% in just 12 short weeks, with some even doubling sales productivity in six months. Nonannualized thinking can lead to better performance. Year-end pushes, such as those in insurance and financial services, can lead to increased results and motivation. The fourth quarter often represents 30-40% of annual sales, making it a rousing time for employees. Year-end also sees an increase in performance-related conversations, with management spending more time with associates reviewing results and encouraging them.

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12 Weeks Equals a Year

A year is now a 12 week period, with each 12 week period standing on its own. This change in thinking eliminates the four periods in a year and allows for a 12 week year, ad infinitum. This shift in thinking leads to increased excitement, energy, and focus, as people measure their success or failure on December 31. The significance of this date is not magical, but rather a reminder of the importance of taking stock and focusing on the present moment.The 12 Week Year is a time-based approach to success, focusing on the endgame date and a sense of urgency. This approach allows for a shorter time horizon, reducing procrastination and focusing on the most important tasks. The 12 Week Year also forces individuals to confront their lack of execution, as it is essential to focus on the day and not the month. This approach emphasizes that effective execution occurs daily, moment by moment, and that every 12 weeks is a fresh start.The 12 Week Year also provides a fresh start, preventing demoralization and demotivation. It encourages individuals to take breaks, celebrate, and reload, allowing them to reflect, regroup, and reenergize. This approach helps individuals recognize and celebrate their progress and accomplishments, preventing them from getting ahead of themselves and ensuring that each week counts.

One Week at a Time

Long-term results are created by daily actions, as Sir William Osler discovered. To be effective, daily activities must align with long-term vision, strategies, and tactics. Consistent action is crucial for turning dreams into reality. Vision defines the end game and motivation to act, but vision without action is just a dream. Desire alone is not enough; it’s the intention to change that makes things better, not just once but consistently. As the ancient Roman philosopher Lucretius said, “The fall of dropping” is a consequence of not only desire but also the actions taken daily.Consistent action on critical tasks is crucial for achieving goals in life. Your actions are the best predictor of your future, influencing your health, relationships, career path, and income. The weekly plan is a powerful tool that organizes and focuses your week, keeping you on track with core activities. It reflects the critical strategic activity from your 12 week plan, guiding your daily actions. The weekly plan is a derivative of the 12 week plan, dictating your daily actions. To use the plan effectively, spend 15-20 minutes at the beginning of each week reviewing your progress from the previous week.A 12 Week Year creates greater focus by highlighting the value of each week. By reviewing your weekly plan, you can focus on specific activities each day, ensuring you get the most out of your efforts. This powerful tool helps you stay on track with your 12 Week Year goals and vision, ensuring you are aligned with your goals and objectives.

Build some good habits

The 12-week cycle is a simple and effective self-development book that focuses on the 12-week year. It is not a quick fix or miracle cure, but rather a natural length of a project cycle. It is not promising miracles or unlikely changes, but rather a natural length of a project cycle that doesn’t hurt the brain with uncertainties. The 12-week cycle is easier to control than 365 days, as it doesn’t require a pick-me-up every 3 months. The book’s language and mindset are similar to ancient humans’ calendars, making it a valuable resource for those looking to improve their mental health and productivity.Focus on important activities, maintain urgency, and eliminate low-value ones. Plan strategically for 12 weeks, strike a balance between complexity and detail, and measure progress. Measurement builds self-esteem, confidence, and provides feedback for intelligent decisions. Strive for excellence, not perfection, and confront lack of execution. High achievers use tension to move forward.