Sword of Destiny

"Dive into the captivating world of Sword of Destiny, a riveting fantasy book in The Witcher series. Join Geralt of Rivia on his epic adventures filled with magic, destiny, and moral dilemmas. Discover the beloved character and immerse yourself in Andrzej Sapkowski's masterful storytelling."
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Andrzej Sapkowski
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Sword of Destiny is an enthralling fantasy book written by Andrzej Sapkowski, originally published in Polish in 1992 as Miecz przeznaczenia. It is the second book in The Witcher series and continues the epic saga of Geralt of Rivia, the titular Witcher – a professional monster hunter imbued with supernatural powers. Set in a world filled with magic, mythical creatures, and political intrigue, the book takes readers on a thrilling journey through captivating landscapes and explores the complexities of destiny, love, and morality.

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Sword of Destiny is a collection of interconnected short stories that delve into Geralt’s adventures as he navigates the tumultuous events of his world. The book begins with “The Bounds of Reason,” where Geralt joins a group of fellow monster hunters on a quest to slay a dragon. Along the way, he encounters intriguing characters, each with their own hidden agendas.

In “A Shard of Ice,” Geralt becomes entangled in a passionate love affair with the sorceress Yennefer. However, their relationship is far from simple, as both are driven by their destinies and the burdens that come with their unique abilities.

The tale “Eternal Flame” sees Geralt aiding the Chivay brothers in their quest to rescue a kidnapped maiden, leading to unexpected consequences. “A Little Sacrifice” brings Geralt to a coastal town where he meets a troubadour named Dandelion and falls for a mermaid, testing his understanding of sacrifice.

In “Sword of Destiny,” Geralt finds himself in Brokilon Forest, home to the mysterious and deadly Dryads, as he tries to fulfill the destiny that has long been foretold.

The book concludes with “Something More,” where Geralt faces a dangerous hunt that intertwines with the fate of the powerful Ciri, a young princess with extraordinary magical abilities. This story sets the stage for future events in The Witcher series, offering a glimpse into the profound connection between Geralt and Ciri.


Sword of Destiny has received critical acclaim for its masterful storytelling and deep exploration of characters. Andrzej Sapkowski’s writing style captivates readers with its vivid imagery and morally complex situations. The book’s portrayal of Geralt as a stoic yet compassionate protagonist has resonated with audiences, making him one of fantasy literature’s most beloved characters.

Critics have praised the book’s ability to seamlessly blend action-packed sequences with moments of introspection, adding depth to the fantasy genre. Moreover, Sapkowski’s world-building skills shine, immersing readers in a richly developed universe filled with unique cultures, species, and social structures.

Sword of Destiny also explores the theme of destiny and free will, prompting readers to ponder the choices they make and the consequences that follow. This philosophical aspect elevates the book beyond a simple fantasy adventure, making it a thought-provoking read.


“People,” Geralt turned his head, “like to invent monsters and monstrosities. Then they seem less monstrous themselves.”
“Destiny has many faces. Mine is an illusion.”
“I managed to understand one thing: every destiny, no matter how complex, stems from a simple thought.”
“Evil is evil, Stregobor,” said the witcher seriously as he got up. “Lesser, greater, middling, it’s all the same. Proportions are negotiated, boundaries blurred. I’m not a pious hermit. I haven’t done only good in my life. But if I’m to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.”


Q : Do I need to read the first book to enjoy “Sword of Destiny”?
A : While reading The Last Wish (the first book in the series) provides valuable background information, Sword of Destiny can be enjoyed as a standalone work. It delves deeper into Geralt’s character and sets the stage for the subsequent novels.

Q : Are the stories in this book connected?
A : Yes, the stories in Sword of Destiny are interconnected and follow a chronological order. They contribute to the overall narrative and character development.

Q : Is this series appropriate for young readers?
A : The Witcher series contains mature themes, violence, and some sexual content, so it is recommended for mature readers.

Q : What other books are in the series?
A : After Sword of Destiny, readers can continue with Blood of Elves, which starts the main saga of The Witcher series.

Sword of Destiny is a captivating fantasy book that takes readers on a thrilling ride through the world of Geralt of Rivia. With its engaging stories, well-crafted characters, and thought-provoking themes, the book has rightfully earned its place as a modern fantasy classic. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or looking for a compelling adventure, Sword of Destiny is a must-read.