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"The Quran is the holy book of Islam, believed to be the word of God as revealed to Prophet Muhammad. It contains guidance for personal conduct, law, and spirituality. The Quran is revered by Muslims worldwide."
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Talal Itani
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Overview :

The best English translation of the Quran, possibly. It is unambiguous, simple to read, and closely follows the Arabic source. It closely resembles the Arabic text and frequently brings to mind the Arabic original for the reader. It is simple to read and comprehend because it incorporates words and grammar from the present day. The sentences are short and basic, and the meaning is crystal apparent. There are no footnotes, explanations, or commentaries in this Quran translation. It is a literal rendering of the Quran from Arabic into English and makes no attempt to highlight any particular school of thought. The Holy Quran is faithfully and accurately translated into modern English in this work from Arabic. A Muslim who witnessed the wonders inside the book of miracles interpreted it.

About the Book:

Although American English is his daily language, Arabic is his native tongue. He read and studied the Quran for 15 years. He interpreted his mother’s and his wife’s conversations for a long time. He makes a living by creating high-quality software. Section 81. At-Takwir, The Rolling In the name of the Merciful, Gracious God.

1. When the shades are drawn.

2. When the stars become faint.

3. During the motion of the mountains.

4. When a relationship is put on hold.

5. Once the animals have been gathered.

6. If the oceans catch fire.

7. Once the souls have been matched. When the girl who was buried alive is questioned,

9. What crime was the victim killed for?

10. When the documents are made accessible.

11. The peeling away of the sky.

12. Once the Fire is lit on fire.

 13. When Paradise is made accessible.

14. Every soul is aware of what it has prepared.

15. The galaxies are my witnesses.

16. Running their courses precisely.

17. And as the night draws in.

18. In addition, the morning is breathing.

19. This is the noble messenger’s speech.

20. Having great strength and standing with the Lord of the Throne.

21. Honest and obedient.

22. Your isn’t possessed.

 23. He was visible on the bright horizon.

 24. And He doesn’t hide His understanding of the Unseen.

 25. And it is not a cursed devil’s word.

26. Whereyou going, then?

27. It only serves as a reminder for everyone.

 28. To whoever among you desires to proceed directly.

29. But unless God, the Creator of the Worlds, wills, you are unable to act.

30. Thenal book given by the Creator is the Qur’an.

31. It offers instruction, compassion, and restoration.

32.Theran is a gift that is within your grasp.

About the Author:

Electronics engineer Talal Itani also works as a software developer, a Quran scholar, and a writer. He was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1961. When he was 18 years old, he emigrated to the US in search of peace and an education. He received a Master’s in Electrical Engineering in 1983. He started a research and development firm after working there for a while, and it swiftly rose to fame and success in the telecommunications industry.

In 1992, Talal read the Holy Quran for the first time. After 15 years of study and investigation, he made the decision to translate the Quran into modern English that is easier to understand. He released the translation in 2012, and it has since received praise for being accurate, lucid, and pure. Currently, Talal works on software development and translation of the Quran. He has two adult daughters, resides in the United States, and is married.

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