Mitsubishi Triton Wiring Diagram

The Mitsubishi Triton wiring diagram illustrates the electrical connections within the vehicle's system. It serves as a crucial reference for diagnosing and troubleshooting electrical issues. Technicians rely on this detailed diagram to ensure accurate repairs and maintenance for optimal vehicle performance and safety.
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Mitsubishi Triton Wiring Diagram Pdf Link


A ute you desire.

You need a ute.

Triton Double Cabs combine unmatched comfort with cutting-edge technology, bold contemporary style, and famous Triton ruggedness. Triton is a decision that appeals to both the intellect and the heart thanks to its potent performance supported by integrated safety and connection. The GSR’s black 18” alloy wheels, blacked-out roof, grille, and front seats, among other desirable interior items, make a sporty statement.

Designed With Your Business in Mind:

Mitsubishi offers Australia’s only 10 Year New Car Warranty with 10 Years of Capped Price Servicing because your customers are depending on you. We distinguish ourselves from other automakers by providing a guarantee of honesty and service standards. Mitsubishi’s dedication to your complete peace of mind is embodied in the Mitsubishi Diamond Advantage programme. We are a dependable business partner.

Mitsubishi’s Engine:

Mitsubishi’s 2.4-liter MIVEC engine is essential to Triton’s exceptional performance. This DOHC common rail diesel engine produces a peak torque of 430Nm at 2500 rpm and 133kW of power at just 3500 rpm for outstanding performance and maximum efficiency. With a braked towing capability of 3100kgT1, Triton’s low-down grunt enables you to enjoy energetic performance and considerable cargo capacity. The engine is among the smoothest, quietest, and most efficient engines on the market thanks to its lightweight construction, which includes an aluminium block. It combines exceptional performance and uncomplicated efficiency in one potent package.

Select II 4WD in Super:

On the Triton GLS and GSR, the Mitsubishi Super Select II 4WD system provides surefooted performance in any circumstances. With this cutting-edge system, you can quickly adjust to shifting road conditions by switching between 2WD and 4WD modes while travelling up to 100 km/h. With just one switch, Super Select’s four settings can handle anything from safe conditions and rough terrain to smooth city lanes and minimal grip levels.

Designed for performance:

At work or in his free time, Triton has never shied away from a challenge. Australians have counted on Triton for both the challenging and enjoyable things for more than 40 years.

Triton is a robust ute that was engineered to perform and blends performance and cutting-edge technology. Sports truck style, 18” alloy wheels, LED Daytime Running Lights, as well as a variety of MiTEC safety and connectivity technology are all features of the GLS 4×4, GLX-R 4×2 and 4×4, and GSR 4×4 Double Cabs.

Strong, durable, and dynamic:

A rigid ladder chassis ensures solid handling and dynamic stability whether you’re on the highway or navigating on your own. Triton has a stylish, aerodynamic body. The robust above-the-axle leaf spring rear suspension provides exceptional traction and load carrying capacity, while the double wishbones with coil springs and stabilising bar up front provide poise and responsiveness.

Make heavy things easy to carry:

All Double Cab Tritons have a roomy, reinforced cargo bed that measures 1520mm in length, 1470mm in width, and 475mm in depth. The tailgate has a single handle that can be used with one hand, and it has four integrated cargo hooks that make it simple to secure items of different sizes. Large loads are no problem for Triton thanks to its outstanding power and torque.


Five adults can be comfortably transported in a Mitsubishi Triton Double Cab. The wide cabin offers plenty of room for backseat passengers, including roomy legroom and a seatback angle that allows for enough of head and shoulder room. The front seats of the GSR are heated and leather-appointed, and the driver’s seat has power adjustability.

Personalize your Triton:

Enhance your Triton with Genuine Mitsubishi Parts, which are created, constructed, and made to assure a perfect fit, longevity, and Mitsubishi excellence. Choose from our Work Pack, Tradie Essential Pack, Starter Pack, Polished Pack, or Black Pack, or pick specific accessories based on your needs.

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Mitsubishi Triton Wiring Diagram Pdf Link