Malibu Rising

"Malibu Rising" is a riveting novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, set in 1983 Malibu. It follows the lives of the famous Riva siblings during their annual end-of-summer party, unveiling secrets, love, and heartbreak. A compelling tale of family, ambition, and resilience that captivates readers from start to finish.
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written by
Taylor Jenkins Reid
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About the Book:

Taylor Jenkins Reid’s historical fiction book Malibu Rising will be available through Ballantine Books on June 1, 2021. A New York Times best seller, the book. Hulu is turning it into a television program.


A new York Times and IndieBound best seller, Malibu Rising.

Along with favourable reviews from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, The Irish Times, Parade, Elle, and The Washington Post, the book received a starred review from Booklist.It received a mixed rating in the New York Times Book Review.The audiobook received a starred review from Booklist.

Malibu Rising was chosen by Jenna Bush Hager for the Today Show’s Read with Jenna Book Club in June 2021.

Malibu Rising was on “best of” lists from Teen Vogue, The Washington Post, TIME, and PopSugar.

The book was named the winner of the 2021 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Historical Fiction.

Plot of the Novel:

  • The history of flames in Malibu is presented in the prologue. On August 27, 1983, the day of Nina Riva’s yearly summer celebration, the Malibu fire broke out. The cause of the fire is still a mystery.
  • At seven in the morning, Nina Riva awakens by herself. She is terrified of being questioned about her spouse at the party that night because he recently dumped her after having an affair. Nina’s two brothers, Jay, a pro surfer, and Hud, a surf photographer, occasionally collaborate. Their sister Kit, who is entering her junior year of college, is their youngest sibling.
  • In a flashback from 1956, June and Mick Riva, the parents of the siblings, cross paths in Malibu just as Mick was starting his singing career. Following the birth of Nina and Jay, while Mick was out on tour, a woman knocks on June’s door and reveals that Mick is the father of her son Hud. She then leaves with June. Even though June forgave Mick for having an affair, he finally abandoned her to wed another lady. Mick returns to June after the split of that marriage. They quickly get remarried and have Kit. Mick soon departs again, though. June drinks more and more as her kids mostly look after themselves. Nina takes up the role of caretaker for her siblings after June drowns.
  • She is eventually found surfing and starts a career as a model, earning money to support her siblings. In 1982, she marries tennis professional Brandon Randall.
  • In the present, Jay tries to catch Lara’s eye because he finds solace in her assurance that he will be alright despite his recently discovered heart issue. He has simply notified her, so he can certify that she will be there at the event. At the party, Kit aspires to have her first kiss with a boy. Hud worries endlessly on how to break the news to Jay about his relationship with Ashley. After eating lunch together at the restaurant, Nina and her siblings went surfing.
  • Brandon shows up just before seven and informs Nina that he wants to go home. Nina is coerced into agreeing to take Brandon back by Brandon openly declaring his love for her. As Ashley tells Hud that she is pregnant at the party, Nina notices that they are sharing a bed. Also at the party, Nina runs into Casey, a young lady who is later revealed to be Mick’s daughter.
  • After kissing Ricky Esposito, Kit realises she doesn’t want to kiss any more males. To Ricky, she comes out. Jay confesses to Lara that he loves her inside Hud’s truck. As they begin to have sex, Jay finds Ashley’s nude images in the glove box.
  • He then declares his love for Lara once more, but she doesn’t share his sentiments. Jay, who is furious, seeks out Hud, who decides to break the news to Jay that he will become a parent.
  • When Brandon’s mistress shows up, Nina comes to the conclusion that she doesn’t have to blithely accept everything that occurs to her. Brandon is asked to leave by Nina.
  • When Mick finds Jay and Hud arguing, he separates them. He converses with his kids. Mick wants to get back into their lives. Everyone is wary, and Nina claims that Mick hasn’t actually changed. Her bluntness shocks her siblings.
  • Even if Mick is sorry for what he did, Nina still doesn’t value his love too highly. Mick acknowledges that he can’t recall if he ever slept with Casey’s mother. In addition, he makes it clear that he is incapable of being a parent, which infuriates Nina because, in the wake of June’s passing, she was not permitted to judge her own parenting abilities. Even though she would have like to be surfing in Portugal, she simply did what she needed to do for her family. Mick makes the decision to leave his kids alone. He returns home and deals with the police who were summoned when the party got out of control.
  • Casey is welcomed into the group as a member of the family, and Nina is encouraged to visit Portugal. Realising they can take care of themselves, she decides to go. Jay pardons Hud, who then asks Ashley to marry him. The brothers also consent to assist Kit in pursuing a career as a pro surfer.
  • Mick starts the fire that would burn down Nina’s home and ignite the coast as he walks away, flicking his cigarette onto the parched grass. Malibu will be reborn, though, just as every Riva kid rebuilds their life.

Malibu Rising Pdf Link