LOGO Modernism

"LOGO Modernism" offers a comprehensive collection of modern logos. Discover inspiring design concepts with this free PDF download.
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written by
Jens Müller
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“LOGO ModernismPdf” is a visually captivating and comprehensive book that explores the history and evolution of logo design during the modernist movement. Authored by Jens Müller and R. Roger Remington, this book presents a curated collection of logos, symbols, and trademarks that exemplify the principles of modernist design. With its stunning visuals and insightful commentary, “LOGO Modernism” is an essential resource for graphic designers, artists, and enthusiasts interested in the art of logo design.

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“LOGO Modernism” stands as a definitive and visually stunning compilation that celebrates the artistry and innovation of modernist logo design. Jens Müller and R. Roger Remington have meticulously curated a collection of logos from the mid-20th century, showcasing the impact of modernist principles on the field of graphic design.

The book’s strength lies in its meticulous attention to detail. Each logo is presented with precision, accompanied by concise yet informative commentary that sheds light on its historical context, design elements, and significance. The authors delve into the philosophies and techniques of modernist design, highlighting the influence of key figures and design movements on logo creation during that era.

The visual presentation of “LOGO Modernism” is striking, with high-quality reproductions of the logos in vibrant colors and intricate details. The book showcases the breadth and diversity of modernist logo design, featuring logos from various industries, countries, and design styles. This visual feast not only inspires and delights the reader but also provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of logo design during the modernist era.

Additionally, the book explores the sociocultural impact of logos and their role in shaping brand identities. Müller and Remington discuss how modernist logos reflected the values and aspirations of the companies they represented, often becoming iconic symbols that transcended their initial purpose.


“LOGO Modernism” is an exceptional compilation that pays homage to the influential modernist era of logo design. Jens Müller and R. Roger Remington’s curation and commentary provide valuable insights into the historical, cultural, and design aspects of modernist logos. Whether you are a designer, an artist, or simply appreciate the art of visual communication, this book offers a rich and visually stunning journey through the world of modernist logo design.

About the Authors:

Jens Müller and R. Roger Remington are renowned experts in the field of graphic design and visual communication. Müller is a graphic designer, author, and editor known for his extensive research and publications on graphic design history. Remington is a distinguished professor and graphic design historian. Their combined expertise and passion for design are evident in “LOGO Modernism,” making it a valuable resource for design enthusiasts.


“LOGO Modernism” is a product of Müller and Remington’s dedication to preserving and celebrating the history of graphic design. The book draws inspiration from the modernist movement, which revolutionized design principles and aesthetics. By curating and showcasing a diverse collection of modernist logos, the authors provide an insightful exploration of the impact of modernism on logo design.


Is “LOGO Modernism” primarily a visual book or does it offer substantial written content as well?

“LOGO Modernism” strikes a balance between visually captivating content and insightful commentary. The book features high-quality reproductions of logos, accompanied by concise yet informative commentary that provides historical context, design analysis, and relevant insights.

Can this book serve as a source of inspiration for logo designers and graphic artists?

Absolutely. “LOGO Modernism” offers a vast array of visually appealing and innovative logos from the modernist era. The book showcases various design styles, techniques, and conceptual approaches, making it an excellent source of inspiration for designers and artists seeking to explore and expand their creative boundaries.

Does “LOGO Modernism” cover logos from specific regions or industries?

The book features logos from diverse industries and countries, providing a global perspective on modernist logo design. It encompasses logos from various sectors, including corporate, cultural, and educational, showcasing the versatility and application of modernist design principles across different contexts.