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In 2017, the list of XXN abbreviations included various terms like "XML," "XSS," and "XUL," commonly used in technology and computer science. These abbreviations aided communication and understanding within the industry, facilitating efficient discussions and documentation.
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This is a collection of acronyms that are frequently used in legal papers. It is customary in legal writing to reference other works by shortening their names to popular acronyms. There are other commonly used words and legal terms that have abbreviations. In court rulings, laws, rules, journal articles, books, and other documents, these citations and abbreviations can be found. Here is a brief list of abbreviations that are used frequently. Publishers have varying standards for how abbreviations should be printed, therefore it’s possible to find abbreviations with or without periods after each letter. For instance, the abbreviation “C.F.R.” or simply “CFR” may be used to refer to the Code of Federal Regulations.


Legal acronyms are frequently used in court documents as well as books. It is crucial to have a standard set of acronyms so that anyone reading a legal document may comprehend what is being said without needing to explain out frequently used phrases. How many highly popular abbreviations are genuinely founded on the law will surprise you.

List of Symbols Used in Court Documents:

There are literally thousands of legal acronyms that are employed in a wide range of contexts both inside and outside the courtroom. The more frequent acronyms and symbols that you could see in legal papers are shown in the list below. You may already be familiar with some of these, while legal professionals are more likely to encounter others.

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Abbreviations for Organizations, Codes, and Laws:

Legal codes are frequently abbreviated in legal documents. You’ll see legal papers and statutes, such as the Constitution or the First Amendment, in addition to criminal charges. Refer to these legal acronyms for court papers to help you understand how they relate to judicial codes, laws, and organizations.

1A – First Amendment

ABA – American Bar Association

Ads. – ad sectam (Latin), like v. in cases, except the defendant is listed first (e.g., Wade ads. Roe)

A.L.R (2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th) – American Law Reports (when followed by the number it represents in the series or edition)

BR or B/R – Bankruptcy

CFR – Call for Response or Code of Federal Regulations

CL – Common Law

CNeg – Contributory Negligence

Cs or Cx – Constitution

IRC – Internal Revenue Code

NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement

PL or Pub.L. – Public Law

R.E. or R/E – Real Estate

SOL – Statute of Limitations

USC – United States Code

WTO – World Trade Organization

Legal Term Shorthand:

You can frequently discover other broad legal terminology in legal documents in addition to laws and regulations. These terms include “class action” and “counterclaim,” among others. By becoming familiar with the abbreviations used here, you can keep your head above water when reading your legal documents.

Anor – Another

Art – Article

ATS – At the suit of

b/c – Because

c. – Chapter

CA – Class action

c/a – Complaint

CB – Casebook

C-C – Counterclaim

CE – Collateral estoppel

Cx-C – Cross-claim

DBA – Doing business as

Et al. – And others (Latin)

F.App’x – Federal appendix

HDC – Holder in due course

ISLN – International standards lawyer number

JNOV – Judgment notwithstanding verdict

Jx – Jurisdiction

K – Contract

L/C – Letter of credit

MOU – Memorandum of understanding

n/k/a – Now known as

No. – Number

Ors – Others

P – Page

Pet. – Petition

Pp. – Pages

Relv. – Relevant

s. – Section

sd – Said

SI – Statutory instruments

S/J – Summary judgment

v. – Versus

XXN – Cross-examination

Court & People Abbreviations:

In legal documents, everything is shortened, even people and court systems. Simply put, having everything in shorthand is more convenient, especially for the stenographer. Examine the terms used in people and legal terminology to determine whether you are the “employer” or the “employee.”

Atty – Attorney

BFP – Bona fide purchaser

DOA – Court of Appeals

EE – Employee

ER – Employer

GC – General counsel

J – Judge or Justice

JJ – Judges or Justices

LLC – Limited liability company

LLP – Limited liability partnership

Pet’r – Petitioner

How to Recognize Legal Abbreviations:

There are tools available to assist people in understanding the meaning of various legal acronyms. One of these sites is GovSpeak, a huge library of acronyms and abbreviations frequently used in government.

Other well-known sources are also available for legal abbreviations. The Bluebook, a widely used legal citation manual created by experts from the Harvard Law Review, Yale Law Journal, Columbia Law Review, and University of Pennsylvania Law Review, is one of them.

List of XXN Abbreviations 2017 Pdf Link: