Intended for Pleasure

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Ed Wheat
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“Intended for Pleasure” by Dr. Ed Wheat and Gaye Wheat is a comprehensive and insightful guide to marital intimacy and sexual fulfillment within the context of Christian marriage. First published in 1977 and updated subsequently, this book offers practical advice, medical insights, and biblical principles to help couples navigate the complexities of physical intimacy, enhance their relationships, and strengthen their spiritual connection.

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“Intended for Pleasure” is a compassionate and well-rounded resource that addresses a vital aspect of marriage often considered taboo or misunderstood. Dr. Ed Wheat’s medical expertise and Gaye Wheat’s insights combine to create a guide that is both informative and sensitive to the emotional and spiritual dimensions of marital intimacy.

The book goes beyond the physical aspects of sex, delving into the psychological, emotional, and spiritual components that contribute to a fulfilling and meaningful sexual relationship. The authors address common misconceptions, provide practical advice for overcoming challenges, and offer guidance on enhancing communication and intimacy within the marriage.

“Intended for Pleasure” is particularly valuable for couples seeking to align their sexual relationship with their Christian faith. The book incorporates biblical teachings to provide a foundation for understanding and embracing the role of physical intimacy within marriage as a reflection of God’s design.

Dr. Ed Wheat’s medical expertise lends credibility to the book’s discussions on sexual health, addressing common concerns and providing valuable information on sexual anatomy, physiology, and fertility. The authors approach these topics with sensitivity, respect, and a commitment to providing accurate information.

The Wheat’s compassionate and empathetic tone makes “Intended for Pleasure” an approachable and inclusive resource for couples at various stages of their relationship. Whether newlyweds or couples seeking to enrich their connection, the book provides practical tools and spiritual insights for cultivating a vibrant and satisfying marital intimacy.


“Intended for Pleasure” is a comprehensive guide to marital intimacy that offers practical advice, medical insights, and biblical principles for enhancing sexual fulfillment within the context of Christian marriage. Dr. Ed Wheat and Gaye Wheat’s compassionate approach creates a valuable resource for couples seeking to nurture a fulfilling, healthy, and spiritually meaningful sexual relationship.

About the Authors:

Dr. Ed Wheat was a prominent physician known for his contributions to the field of marital and sexual health. Gaye Wheat, his wife, brought her own insights and experiences to their collaborative work. Together, they crafted a resource that bridges medical knowledge with Christian values to support couples in building strong and intimate marriages.


“Intended for Pleasure” emerged from Dr. Ed Wheat’s desire to provide couples with a comprehensive and holistic resource for marital intimacy. His medical background, combined with Gaye Wheat’s insights, resulted in a book that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of sexual fulfillment.


“Intended for Pleasure” stands as a valuable and compassionate guide to marital intimacy, offering practical advice, medical knowledge, and biblical principles for enhancing sexual fulfillment within a Christian marriage. Dr. Ed Wheat and Gaye Wheat’s combined expertise creates a resource that empowers couples to navigate the complexities of physical intimacy while nurturing a deeper spiritual connection.


Is “Intended for Pleasure” suitable for couples of all backgrounds?

While the book incorporates Christian teachings, its discussions on marital intimacy, communication, and sexual health can benefit couples of various religious affiliations or belief systems.

Does the book solely focus on sexual health and anatomy?

No, “Intended for Pleasure” addresses a wide range of topics related to marital intimacy, including emotional connection, communication, and spiritual aspects of physical relationship.

Is this book relevant for couples who are not experiencing challenges in their sexual relationship?

Yes, the book provides valuable insights and guidance for couples seeking to enrich and deepen their connection, as well as those facing specific challenges. It offers tools for nurturing a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship within marriage.