Hercule Poirot’s Christmas

"Dive into the festive intrigue of 'Hercule Poirot's Christmas' book by Agatha Christie. Follow Poirot's astute detective skills in unraveling a gripping murder mystery amidst family tensions. Experience the classic tale filled with suspense and twists, perfect for mystery enthusiasts during the holiday season."
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Agatha Christie
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Agatha Christie’s “Hercule Poirot’s Christmas” is a captivating addition to the world of mystery literature. First published in 1938, this novel remains a timeless classic that showcases the genius of Christie’s storytelling and her iconic detective, Hercule Poirot. Set against the backdrop of the festive season, the book weaves a tale of murder, secrets, and intrigue that keeps readers engrossed till the very end.


The story unfolds as the wealthy Simeon Lee invites his family to Gorston Hall for Christmas. Despite the apparent festivities, tension lurks beneath the surface due to Lee’s abrasive nature and the strained relationships within the family. When Lee is found murdered in his locked room on Christmas Eve, it falls upon the renowned detective Hercule Poirot to unravel the complex web of family dynamics, motives, and secrets to uncover the truth behind the murder.


The narrative begins with the introduction of Simeon Lee, a domineering patriarch who gathers his family for the holidays. Each member of the Lee family has motives and conflicts with the old man. When Simeon is discovered dead in his room, Poirot arrives at the scene and begins his investigation.

Through astute observations and meticulous questioning, Poirot unveils the tangled relationships and deep-seated resentments within the family. Suspicions shift from one family member to another, and hidden agendas come to light as the truth slowly unravels. In Christie’s signature style, twists and turns keep readers guessing until Poirot ingeniously reveals the culprit in a climactic and surprising conclusion.


“Agatha Christie once again proves her mastery in crafting a compelling mystery. ‘Hercule Poirot’s Christmas’ is a delightful read, filled with suspense, intricate plot twists, and a satisfying resolution.”

“The intricate family dynamics and the holiday setting add depth to the story, making it a perfect seasonal read. Christie’s ability to keep readers guessing until the end is unparalleled.”

“A classic murder mystery that keeps you engaged from start to finish. Hercule Poirot’s keen intellect and wit shine through as he navigates through the complex relationships and motives of the Lee family.”


“The impossible cannot have happened, therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances.”
“Everybody lies. It’s a fact of life. There are different kinds of lies. A lie, a plain black lie, is as different from a golden lie or a kind lie as chalk is from cheese.”
“The truth, however ugly in itself, is always curious and beautiful to seekers after it.”


Q : Is knowledge of other Hercule Poirot books necessary to enjoy this one?
A : No, each Hercule Poirot book stands alone as an individual mystery. While familiarizing yourself with Poirot’s character might enhance the reading experience, it’s not necessary to have read other books featuring him.

Q : Is this book suitable for readers who are new to Agatha Christie’s works?
A : Absolutely! “Hercule Poirot’s Christmas” serves as an excellent introduction to Christie’s style of mystery writing. It encapsulates her knack for intricate plots and compelling characters.

Q : Does the holiday setting play a significant role in the story?
A : Yes, the Christmas setting adds depth to the narrative by juxtaposing the festivity with the darkness of the murder. It also influences the characters’ actions and emotions.

“Hercule Poirot’s Christmas” stands as a testament to Agatha Christie’s mastery in crafting intricate mysteries that continue to captivate readers across generations. With its rich storytelling, memorable characters, and surprising twists, this novel remains a timeless gem in the world of detective fiction, inviting readers to immerse themselves in a thrilling whodunit that keeps them guessing until the very end.