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"Discover profound love and healing in 'From Scratch' by Tembi Locke. This heartfelt memoir takes you on a transformative journey of grief, resilience, and embracing life's flavors in Sicily. A captivating exploration of love and loss that will leave a lasting impression. Get inspired by this powerful book."
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Tembi Locke
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“From Scratch” by Tembi Locke is a poignant and heartfelt memoir that chronicles the author’s journey through grief, love, and self-discovery. This powerful book takes readers on a transformative and emotionally resonant adventure as Tembi Locke navigates the challenges of loss and finds solace, love, and a deeper understanding of herself in the process. Through her courageous storytelling, the author invites readers to witness the beauty and resilience that can emerge even in the darkest of times.

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In “From Scratch,” Tembi Locke shares her deeply personal and heart-rending story of love and loss. The narrative unfolds with the sudden death of her beloved husband, Saro, which sends her life spiraling into a pit of grief and despair. Struggling to cope with her overwhelming emotions, Tembi embarks on a soul-searching journey to heal.

As a way to find solace, Tembi decides to return to Italy, the place where she and Saro first fell in love. In this enchanting country, she not only rediscovers the flavors and culinary delights of the Sicilian culture but also rediscovers a piece of herself that she had lost in the midst of her grief.

Through her encounters with the warm and welcoming Sicilian community, Tembi finds unexpected connections and learns to embrace life once more. She forges a deep bond with Saro’s larger-than-life family and immerses herself in their traditions, customs, and, most notably, their love of food. This gastronomic journey becomes a powerful metaphor for healing, reconciliation, and the universal language of love.

As Tembi Locke finds healing and acceptance through embracing the Sicilian way of life, she comes to terms with her grief and discovers the strength to move forward with her life. “From Scratch” is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and the transformative power of love.


“An Exquisite Exploration of Love and Loss” – Oprah Magazine
Tembi Locke’s memoir is an exquisitely crafted exploration of love, grief, and the healing power of embracing one’s roots. Her heartfelt and honest storytelling will leave a lasting impact on readers, reminding us of the beauty that can emerge from even the darkest of moments.

“A Love Letter to Food, Family, and Second Chances” – Goodreads
“From Scratch” is a captivating love letter to the culinary wonders of Sicily, the bonds of family, and the possibilities of finding second chances in life. Tembi Locke’s prose is both lyrical and heartwrenching, making this memoir a truly unforgettable read.


“Grief is not something to ‘get over.’ It’s something to get through.”

“Food is more than nourishment; it’s a language of love, a way to connect across cultures and heal the soul.”

“In the depths of sorrow, we can find unexpected strength and the resilience to rebuild our lives.”

“Love has the power to bridge the gaps between cultures and bring us closer together.”


Q : Is “From Scratch” solely about grief and loss?
A : While grief and loss form the central themes of the memoir, “From Scratch” is also a celebration of love, resilience, and the transformative power of embracing new experiences.

Q : What makes “From Scratch” different from other memoirs?
A : “From Scratch” stands out due to its unique blend of emotional depth, culinary exploration, and cross-cultural connections. The author’s vivid storytelling brings the journey to life, making it an immersive and inspiring read.

Q : Is prior knowledge of Sicilian culture or cuisine necessary to enjoy the book?
A : Not at all. Tembi Locke’s writing beautifully introduces readers to the richness of Sicilian culture and culinary delights, making the book accessible and engaging to all readers.

Q : Does the book provide coping strategies for dealing with grief?
A : While not a self-help book, “From Scratch” offers insights into the author’s personal journey through grief, which may resonate with readers who have experienced loss. It shows how immersing oneself in new experiences can aid the healing process.

Q : Is “From Scratch” suitable for a wide range of readers?
A : Yes, the memoir’s universal themes of love, loss, and healing make it suitable for a diverse audience. Anyone seeking a deeply emotional and uplifting reading experience will find “From Scratch” a compelling and meaningful book.

In conclusion, “From Scratch” by Tembi Locke is a captivating and emotionally charged memoir that navigates the depths of grief and the redemptive power of love. Through her heartfelt storytelling, Locke takes readers on an intimate journey of self-discovery, cultural exploration, and healing. This beautifully written book serves as a reminder that even in our darkest moments, the connections we make with others and the joy found in life’s simple pleasures can lead us toward healing and renewal. “From Scratch” is a true testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power of love and resilience.