Fool’s Errand

"Dive into the captivating world of 'Fool's Errand' book by Robin Hobb. A fantasy masterpiece exploring sacrifice, redemption, and complex relationships. Join FitzChivalry Farseer on a journey of courage and growth in this enchanting tale."
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Robin Hobb
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“Fool’s Errand” is a captivating fantasy novel penned by the renowned author Robin Hobb. It is the first installment in the “Tawny Man Trilogy,” a continuation of the beloved “Farseer Trilogy.” The book delves deep into the realm of magic, loyalty, and the intricate complexities of human relationships. With a richly woven narrative and multi-dimensional characters, Hobb takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster that explores themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the consequences of one’s choices.

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Set in the captivating world of the Six Duchies, “Fool’s Errand” follows the life of FitzChivalry Farseer, the former assassin of the royal family. Now living under a new identity as Tom Badgerlock, Fitz has retired to a quiet and secluded life. However, his solitude is shattered when his old mentor and friend, the Fool, reenters his life. The Fool brings dire news of impending danger and a plea for Fitz’s assistance.

Drawn back into the political intrigues and power struggles of the Six Duchies, Fitz embarks on a perilous journey to protect those he loves and to confront the shadows of his past. Along the way, he grapples with personal demons, navigates complex relationships, and must decide whether to once again wield the assassin’s blade or seek a different path to make a difference.


“Fool’s Errand” has garnered widespread acclaim from both readers and critics alike. Critics praise Robin Hobb’s masterful storytelling, her ability to craft relatable characters, and her talent for creating immersive and richly detailed worlds. The novel’s exploration of friendship, sacrifice, and the weight of history resonates deeply with readers, making it a compelling and emotionally charged read.


“We are all fools in love.” – Robin Hobb, Fool’s Errand
“The past was all shadow and light, and it haunted him.” – Robin Hobb, Fool’s Errand
“To step into tomorrow’s unknown, one must first have the courage to leave yesterday’s familiar.” – Robin Hobb, Fool’s Errand


Q : Do I need to read the “Farseer Trilogy” before “Fool’s Errand”?
A : While “Fool’s Errand” is a continuation of the events in the “Farseer Trilogy,” it can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. However, reading the previous trilogy will provide a deeper understanding of the characters and the world they inhabit.

Q : What sets “Fool’s Errand” apart from other fantasy novels?
A : Robin Hobb’s unique ability to delve into the emotional depths of her characters is a standout feature of “Fool’s Errand.” The novel combines intricate world-building with a focus on the personal struggles and growth of its protagonists.

Q : Is “Fool’s Errand” suitable for young readers?
A : While “Fool’s Errand” is primarily targeted at young adult and adult audiences due to its complex themes and mature content, younger readers who are comfortable with fantasy elements and more mature storytelling may also enjoy the book.

Q : How does “Fool’s Errand” explore themes of sacrifice and redemption?
A : The novel’s characters are constantly faced with choices that demand sacrifice, whether for the greater good or for personal redemption. Fitz’s journey embodies these themes as he grapples with his past actions and seeks a path toward redemption.

Q : Are there more books in the series after “Fool’s Errand”?
A : Yes, “Fool’s Errand” is the first book in the “Tawny Man Trilogy.” Readers who find themselves engrossed in Fitz’s story can continue their adventure through the subsequent books in the series.

“Fool’s Errand” by Robin Hobb is a masterful fantasy novel that captivates readers with its intricate world-building, complex characters, and exploration of themes such as sacrifice and redemption. With its compelling narrative and thought-provoking insights, this book is a must-read for fantasy enthusiasts and anyone seeking a tale of courage, friendship, and personal growth.