English Idioms In Use 

"Discover a treasure trove of English Idioms in Use with our captivating book. Enhance your language skills and understanding of expressions in context. Engage with idioms for everyday conversations and writing. A must-have resource for language enthusiasts of all levels."
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Felicity O'Dell
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“English Idioms in Use” by Felicity O’Dell and Michael McCarthy is an essential resource for English language learners who want to deepen their understanding of idiomatic expressions and enhance their fluency. This comprehensive book presents a wide range of idioms in context, providing learners with the necessary tools to incorporate these expressions into their everyday communication.

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“English Idioms in Use” is a valuable resource for learners at various proficiency levels. The book is well-organized, with idioms grouped into thematic units, making it easy for learners to explore specific topics or focus on areas of interest. Each unit offers clear explanations of the idiomatic expressions, along with examples and exercises to reinforce understanding.

One of the book’s strengths is its emphasis on practical usage. O’Dell and McCarthy provide ample contextual examples that help learners grasp the meaning and usage of idioms in real-life situations. The exercises and activities also encourage learners to apply the idioms in different contexts, thereby enhancing their fluency and ability to use idiomatic expressions naturally.

The inclusion of idioms from both formal and informal registers is commendable. This ensures that learners gain a comprehensive understanding of idiomatic expressions across various communication styles, allowing them to adapt their language use to different social and professional settings.

Additionally, the book incorporates visual aids, such as illustrations and diagrams, to support comprehension and make the learning experience more engaging. These visual cues help learners connect the idioms with their corresponding meanings, reinforcing retention and making the material more memorable.


“English Idioms in Use” is an invaluable tool for English language learners aiming to master idiomatic expressions. The book’s well-structured units, clear explanations, and ample examples facilitate a comprehensive understanding of idioms and their usage. By actively engaging with the exercises and applying the idioms in context, learners can enhance their fluency and communicate more effectively in English.

About the authors:

Felicity O’Dell and Michael McCarthy are respected language educators and authors with extensive experience in teaching English as a second language. They have collaborated on various language learning resources and are known for their practical and learner-focused approach.

Both Felicity O’Dell and Michael McCarthy have dedicated their careers to language education. They draw upon their expertise and research in the field to create effective materials that cater to the needs of English language learners.


Q : Can “English Idioms in Use” be used by beginners?
A : While the book primarily targets intermediate to advanced learners, motivated beginners can also benefit from it. The clear explanations and contextual examples make the material accessible, allowing beginners to gradually build their familiarity with idiomatic expressions.

Q : Are the idioms in the book specific to a particular English-speaking country or region?
A : The idioms included in the book are widely used in English-speaking countries and are not limited to a specific region. However, learners should be aware that some idioms may be more prevalent in certain areas or may have regional variations in meaning.

Q : Is there an accompanying audio component for pronunciation practice?
A : Unfortunately, the book does not include an accompanying audio component. However, learners can use online resources or language learning apps to find audio recordings and practice the pronunciation of the idioms.

“English Idioms in Use” by Felicity O’Dell and Michael McCarthy is a highly recommended resource for English language learners who wish to expand their idiomatic repertoire. With its comprehensive approach, practical usage examples, and engaging exercises, the book equips learners with the necessary skills to incorporate idiomatic expressions into their everyday communication. Whether used in the classroom or for self-study, this book is a valuable asset for learners striving to enhance their English language proficiency.