Crown of Midnight

"Dive into a world of intrigue and magic with 'Crown of Midnight' book. Join assassin Celaena Sardothien on a thrilling journey of secrets, power, and self-discovery. A must-read in the captivating 'Throne of Glass' series by Sarah J. Maas."
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Sarah J. Maas
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“Crown of Midnight” is the thrilling second installment in Sarah J. Maas’s captivating “Throne of Glass” series. Published in 2013, this young adult fantasy novel continues to enthrall readers with its unique blend of magic, action, and heart-wrenching emotions. As the story delves deeper into the world of assassins and hidden truths, it takes readers on an unforgettable rollercoaster ride of intrigue, suspense, and self-discovery.

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The story picks up with Celaena Sardothien, the once-fierce assassin, now serving as the King’s Champion. While she carries out the king’s brutal orders during the day, at night she secretly eliminates those who stand against her. However, her loyalty to the tyrannical king is tested when she receives a new target: someone from her own past, someone she cannot bear to kill.

As Celaena navigates her conflicting loyalties, she uncovers dangerous secrets about her kingdom and her own heritage. Dark forces are at play, and she must confront them to protect her friends and the people she cares about. The narrative is an intricate web of political intrigue, personal discoveries, and unexpected alliances, all leading to a stunning climax that will leave readers breathless.


“Crown of Midnight” has received widespread acclaim from readers and critics alike. With its engaging plot and well-developed characters, Maas delivers a masterful story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The seamless blend of action, romance, and mystery creates a narrative that is both emotionally resonant and pulse-pounding.

Reviewers have praised Maas for her ability to create a rich and immersive fantasy world. The character development, particularly Celaena’s evolution from assassin to a multifaceted heroine, has been a highlight for many. The intricate plot twists and revelations have been described as captivating and satisfying, adding depth and complexity to the series as a whole.


“I’m not a sadist,” Sam murmured against her mouth. “I’m a masochist.”
“She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one.”
“The best lies were always mixed with truth.”
“Names are not important. It’s what lies inside of you that matters.”


Q : Do I need to read the first book to understand “Crown of Midnight”?
A : While it’s recommended to read the series in order to fully grasp the character dynamics and world-building, “Crown of Midnight” does provide enough context to follow the story independently.

Q : Is there romance in the book?
A : Yes, the book features elements of romance that add depth to the characters’ relationships and personal journeys.

Q : How does “Crown of Midnight” compare to the rest of the series?
A : Many readers consider “Crown of Midnight” a turning point in the series, where the stakes are raised and the plot becomes even more intricate. It’s often hailed as one of the strongest installments in the “Throne of Glass” series.

Q : Is there a movie adaptation of the book?
A : As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there was no official movie adaptation announced. However, due to the popularity of the series, it’s always possible that adaptations could be considered in the future.

Q : Who would enjoy reading “Crown of Midnight”?
A : Fans of young adult fantasy novels, especially those who enjoy stories with strong female protagonists, intricate world-building, and a mix of action and romance, will likely find “Crown of Midnight” to be a captivating read.

“Crown of Midnight” is a spellbinding continuation of the “Throne of Glass” series that entices readers with its gripping narrative, well-crafted characters, and a perfect balance of suspense and emotion. Sarah J. Maas’s imaginative storytelling ensures that readers are in for an unforgettable adventure filled with twists, turns, and revelations that will keep them eagerly turning pages late into the night.