"Explore the powerful emotions of love, art, and secrets in Confess, a captivating book by Colleen Hoover. Discover the transformative impact of anonymous confessions turned into art in this heartwarming and emotionally charged novel."
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Confess is a captivating novel penned by Colleen Hoover, an accomplished author known for her ability to intertwine romance, drama, and emotion into a compelling narrative. Published in 2015, Confess explores the transformative power of art, the weight of secrets, and the profound impact that love can have on individuals. As readers embark on a rollercoaster of emotions, they are invited into a world filled with vulnerability, redemption, and the cathartic act of confessing one’s deepest truths.

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The story centers around Auburn Reed, a determined young woman with a tumultuous past, and Owen Gentry, a talented artist harboring secrets of his own. Their lives intertwine when Auburn stumbles upon Owen’s art studio and sparks fly between them. As their connection deepens, Owen reveals a unique twist to his artwork – he paints confessions anonymously submitted by strangers.

Auburn, bound by her own secrets and the constraints of her past, finds solace in Owen’s art project and becomes an integral part of it. The confessions they receive range from lighthearted to heart-wrenching, exposing the rawness of human emotions and the burdens people carry.

As the relationship between Auburn and Owen intensifies, they must navigate the challenges posed by Auburn’s past and a web of deceit that threatens to tear them apart. Their love proves to be a catalyst for both personal growth and confronting the truth. In a powerful climax, the protagonists are forced to make difficult decisions that will determine their future and the happiness they so desperately seek.


Confess has received widespread acclaim for its heartfelt portrayal of love, redemption, and the complexities of human nature. Critics and readers alike have praised Colleen Hoover’s writing style, which effortlessly captures the emotions and struggles of the characters. The narrative’s unique concept of confessions turned into art adds an innovative layer to the story, deepening its impact on the reader.

Reviewers have also lauded the authenticity of the characters, their depth, and the way they grapple with their flaws, making them relatable and endearing. The novel’s ability to evoke a wide range of emotions, from laughter to tears, has left readers captivated and emotionally invested in the outcome of the story.


“Confessing won’t change the past, but it can transform your future.” – Colleen Hoover, Confess
“Love is not always about rainbows and sunshine; it’s about weathering the storm together.” – Colleen Hoover, Confess
“Art has the power to heal, to express what words cannot, and to connect souls across time and space.” – Colleen Hoover, Confess
“In the sea of secrets, love remains the guiding light that leads us home.” – Colleen Hoover, Confess


Q : Is Confess a standalone novel or part of a series?
A : Confess is a standalone novel, not part of a series. It showcases Colleen Hoover’s ability to craft a complete and engaging story in a single book.

Q : Is Confess suitable for young adult readers?
A : While Confess is primarily marketed for the new adult and adult audience due to its mature themes, it can be enjoyed by older young adult readers who are comfortable with the subject matter.

Q : Is there an art project similar to Owen’s in real life?
A : As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there were no publicized art projects identical to Owen’s in real life. However, the novel’s concept has inspired many artists to create unique and emotionally charged works of art based on confessions and personal experiences.

Q : Does the novel have a happy ending?
A : Without giving away too much, Confess concludes with a resolution that is both satisfying and poignant, staying true to the overall themes of love and redemption.

Confess is a powerful novel that exemplifies Colleen Hoover’s ability to capture the essence of human emotions. Through a magnetic love story intertwined with art and secrets, the book reminds us of the healing power of confessions and the transformative nature of love. By the end of the journey, readers will find themselves captivated, contemplative, and emotionally moved, making Confess a must-read for those who appreciate profound and heartwarming storytelling.