"Discover a captivating twist on classic fairytales with 'Cinder' by Marissa Meyer. Immerse yourself in a futuristic world where Cinderella meets technology and adventure. Join Cinder, a gifted mechanic, on a thrilling journey of destiny, love, and intrigue. A must-read in the enchanting Lunar Chronicles series."
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Cinder pdf

Discover a captivating “Cinder” by Marissa Meyer review and overview. Dive into this futuristic retelling of Cinderella as a gifted mechanic in a world of cyborgs and intrigue. Uncover a thrilling blend of romance and science fiction. Get the book today to delve into a unique and imaginative tale.


In the realm of young adult literature, Marissa Meyer’s “Cinder” stands as a shining example of a captivating blend of science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Published in 2012 as the first installment in the Lunar Chronicles series, this novel reimagines classic fairy tales in a futuristic, dystopian setting. With a cyborg heroine, a forbidden romance, and a world on the brink of war, “Cinder” takes readers on an enthralling journey through a world that is both familiar and entirely new.


Cinder pdf

“Cinder” is a reimagining of the classic Cinderella fairy tale, but with a twist. The story is set in the distant future, where Earth is divided into various nations and plagued by the threat of a deadly disease. The protagonist, Linh Cinder, is a talented mechanic and a cyborg. In this society, cyborgs are often looked down upon and treated as second-class citizens. Cinder’s life takes a dramatic turn when she crosses paths with Prince Kai, heir to the Eastern Commonwealth, seeking her mechanical expertise to repair his android.

As the story unfolds, secrets are revealed, alliances are formed, and the looming threat of war with the moon-based Lunar colony adds layers of complexity. Cinder becomes entangled in a web of political intrigue and personal struggles, uncovering her own mysterious past and potential role in shaping the destiny of two worlds. The novel seamlessly weaves together elements of science fiction, romance, and suspense, creating a narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

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Marissa Meyer’s “Cinder” has garnered widespread acclaim for its fresh take on a beloved fairy tale. The blending of science fiction and fantasy elements adds a unique flavor to the story, making it stand out in a sea of young adult novels. The world-building is exceptional, with vivid descriptions of both the futuristic city of New Beijing and the enigmatic Lunar colony. Meyer’s writing style effortlessly pulls readers into the story, making them emotionally invested in the characters’ fates.

One of the most notable aspects of the book is its protagonist, Cinder. As a cyborg, she grapples with issues of identity, discrimination, and self-acceptance. Her journey is relatable and inspiring, as she learns to embrace her differences and harness her strengths. The chemistry between Cinder and Prince Kai adds a layer of romantic tension that keeps readers rooting for their relationship despite the challenges they face.

The plot is a skillful dance between political intrigue, personal struggles, and the looming threat of war. Meyer masterfully navigates these elements, creating a narrative that keeps readers engaged from beginning to end. The pacing is well-balanced, with moments of action and suspense interspersed with quieter, introspective scenes that delve into the characters’ emotions.


Cinder pdf

  • “Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”
  • “I’m sure I’ll feel much more grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn-on.”
  • “I’m not sure. But I think it’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions.”


Q: Do I need to be familiar with the Cinderella fairy tale to enjoy “Cinder”?
A: Not at all. While “Cinder” draws inspiration from the Cinderella story, it stands on its own as a unique narrative. Familiarity with the original fairy tale is not necessary to enjoy the book.

Q: Is “Cinder” suitable for readers who aren’t typically fans of science fiction?
A: Absolutely. While “Cinder” incorporates science fiction elements, such as advanced technology and a futuristic setting, it also offers a compelling story of romance, self-discovery, and adventure that can appeal to a wide range of readers.

Q: Does the book delve into deeper themes, or is it mostly a romantic story?
A: “Cinder” goes beyond romance and delves into themes of identity, discrimination, and the struggle for self-acceptance. The characters face complex challenges that add depth to the story and make it a thought-provoking read.

Q: Is “Cinder” appropriate for young adult readers?
A: Yes, “Cinder” falls within the young adult genre and is suitable for teenage readers. However, some themes may be better suited for older teenagers due to their complexity.

Q: Does “Cinder” end on a cliffhanger, being the first book in a series?
A: While “Cinder” is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series, it wraps up its main plotlines satisfactorily. However, it does set the stage for the subsequent books in the series, enticing readers to continue the journey.

In Conclusion

Marissa Meyer’s “Cinder” is a triumph of creativity and storytelling. By reimagining a classic fairy tale in a futuristic world, Meyer has crafted a novel that captivates readers with its blend of science fiction, fantasy, and romance. With compelling characters, intricate world-building, and a narrative that keeps the pages turning, “Cinder” is a must-read for anyone seeking a fresh twist on old tales and an adventure that transcends genres.

Cinder pdf