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It's Unknown If Marxists Who Identify As Such Are Aware Of These Religious Parallels. Numerous Socialists Describe Themselves As Not Only Agnostic But Also As Being "Anti-religious." It Is Also Never Made Clear What An Earthly Paradise (Socialist Utopia) Would Look Like, Other Than The Fact That It Would Include "Inclusion," "Justice," And "Equality." These Ideals, While Commendable, Have Not Been Realised Historically, Possibly As A Result Of Marxist/communist Groups' Focus On Exacting Revenge On The Adversary (Tribalization As A Response To Oppressor) Rather Than On Actualizing The Good.
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Mark R. Levin
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American Marxism Book By Mark Levin PDF Free Download, Overview, Summary, Reviews, Quotes, Get Book, More By Author.

American Marxism PDF Free Download

New York Times Bestseller Number One The “Timely Yet Timeless” (David Limbaugh, Author Of Jesus Is Risen) Blockbuster Liberty And Tyranny, By Seven-time #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Fox News Personality, And Radio Commentator Mark R. Levin, Reveals How The Threats He Foresaw Have Materialised.

Mark R. Levin Inspired Conservatives In 2009 With His Enduring Manifesto Liberty And Tyranny, Which Offered A Philosophical, Historical, And Practical Framework For Reversing The Liberal Assault On Values Based On The Constitution. More Than Ten Years After The Publication Of That Book, We Have Fully Over The Precipice Of Progressivism’s Threat To Our Freedom And Are Now Paying The Price.

In American Marxism, Levin Explains How The Fundamentals Of Marxist Ideology Have Now Permeated American Society And Culture, From Our Corporations, Schools, And Press To Hollywood, The Democratic Party, And The Biden Presidency—and How It Frequently Goes By Misleading Names Like “Progressivism,” “Democratic Socialism,” “Social Activism,” And Others.

Levin Delves Into The Psychology And Strategies Of These Movements, The Pervasive Brainwashing Of Students, The Anti-american Goals Of Critical Race Theory And The Green New Deal, And The Escalation Of Repression And Censorship To Silence Dissident Voices And Enforce Conformity With His Characteristic Trenchant Analysis.

In Addition To Exposing Many Of The Institutions, Intellectuals, Scholars, And Activists Driving This Revolution, Levin Also Offers Us Some Solutions And Suggestions On How To Deal With Them. The American Revolution’s Counter-revolution Is Currently In Full Swing, According To Levin.

It Is No Longer Acceptable To Disregard It Or Ignore It Since It Is Consuming Our Society And Culture, Permeating Every Aspect Of Daily Life, And Permeating Our Politics, Educational Systems, Media, And Entertainment. Levin Continues To Work To Mobilise Americans To Defend Their Freedom.

The Liberty Amendments, Ameritopia, Plunder And Deceit, Rediscovering Americanism, Unfreedom Of The Press, And American Marxism Are The Seven Books By Mark R. Levin That Have Debuted At No. 1 On The New York Times Bestseller List In A Row.

He Is Also The Chairman Of The Landmark Legal Foundation And The Host Of The Fox News Programme Life, Liberty, & Levin. With More Than 1.5 Million Copies Sold, Liberty And Tyranny Spent Three Months At #1.

Rescuing Sprite And Men In Black, Two Of His Works, Were New York Times Bestsellers. A Member Of The National Radio Hall Of Fame, Levin Served As A Key Advisor To Various Reagan Administration Officials. He Graduated From Temple University’s Undergraduate Programme With A Ba And Its Law School With A Jd.

American Marxism Reviews

What Stands Out To Me Most About Levin’s Analysis Of Marxist Group Identification Is How It Attempts To Fill What Others Have Called A “God Shaped Hole.” In The Past, People Have Tended To Value Their Religious Identities More Than The Governmental Systems That May Have Ruled Their Daily Lives. In An Effort To Replace Spiritual Community With Ideological Cohesiveness, Marxism Is A Secular Humanist Movement.

The Implicit Notion In Religious Identification Is That Humanity’s Relationship To The Creator Opposes The Mortal, Imperfect, And Finite Against The Holy, Eternal, And All-knowing. Spirituality Acts As A Restraint On Human Arrogance. We Become Humbled If We Truly Live Out Our Faith, No Matter What That Faith May Be. Marxism Is A Form Of Religion Without A Divine Being. Marxist Group Identification May Make Society Into A Flawless Representation Of God On Earth If We Adhere To It To The Letter. The Bolshevik Revolution, Pol Pot’s Cambodian Killing Fields, Or Joseph Stalin’s Holodomor (A Genocide In Ukraine That Starved About 9 Million Peasants/farmers) Are All Examples Of Attempts To Implement Socialist-marxist Worldviews That Instead Result In Abuse. As A Result, Ukrainians Who Were Desperate To Flee Stalin Were Ready To Embrace Nazi Occupation As A Means Of Liberation. Marxism Has Fallen Short, Even On A Smaller Scale. The Game Plan Is To Win Over The Public By Promising To Address Inequality And Other Centuries-old Problems, Try To Nationalise Various Industries, Watch The Engines Of Economic Productivity Stall, Go Bankrupt Trying To Provide Social Welfare Benefits For Those Who Are Growing More And More Demanding More Of Government Because They Have Been Left Destitute Or Jobless By Government Attempts At Economic Alchemy, And Then Watch A Failing Government Try To Quell Public Outrage.

There Are Significant Distinctions In The Actual Practise Of Religion: We Cannot Understand Truth Without Acknowledging The Part That Our Own Ego Plays In Obstructing A Higher Level Of Spiritual Knowledge. No Matter Whichever Deity Is The Focus Of Worship, That Deity Is Supreme Over Human Consciousness. Marxism Does Not Acknowledge The Role Of Spiritual Processes; Rather, It Emphasises The Self-reinforcing Cycle Of Group Identity. However, In Several Significant Respects, Marxist Group Identity Would Seem To Resemble Religious Affiliation: Instead Of The Idea Of Sin, One Must Fight Intellectual Holy Battles Against “Oppressors.” A “Movement” That Requires Lifetime Commitment In Place Of The Body Of Christ. (Ever Run Into A Marxist? No, Not Me.)

It’s Unknown If Marxists Who Identify As Such Are Aware Of These Religious Parallels. Numerous Socialists Describe Themselves As Not Only Agnostic But Also As Being “Anti-religious.” It Is Also Never Made Clear What An Earthly Paradise (Socialist Utopia) Would Look Like, Other Than The Fact That It Would Include “Inclusion,” “Justice,” And “Equality.” These Ideals, While Commendable, Have Not Been Realised Historically, Possibly As A Result Of Marxist/communist Groups’ Focus On Exacting Revenge On The Adversary (Tribalization As A Response To Oppressor) Rather Than On Actualizing The Good.

The Repetition Of Past Wrongs Permeates Marxist Thinking. Never Mind That The First Opposition To Slavery Came From Quakers And Other Religious Organisations In Europe And America. Critiques Of Capitalism, Patriarchy, Colonialism, And White Supremacy Form The Foundation Of Marxist Beliefs. Since These Subjects Are Necessary For The Continuation Of Ideological Holy War, It Follows That They Must Be A Problem In The Present Just As Much As The Past.

Marxists In Academics Seem To Be The Least Persuaded By Society’s Progress In Atoning For Previous Transgressions. Since It Would Be Incompatible With The Foundation Of The Group Identity To Recognise Significant Advancement, Marxist “Theology” Has Remained Substantially Identical Since Its Start.

Marxists Are Reluctant To Reexamine Who The Oppressed Classes Are In The Twenty-first Century For The Same Reason. Indeed, Unlike The 1960s, When The Fbi Targeted The Black Panthers, Martin Luther King Jr., And Leftist Radicals Like Angela Davis, The Demographic Majority In America Will Not Always Be “White” (In California And Elsewhere, This Long Ago Ceased To Be The Case). Similarly, Neither The Cultural Majority In This Nation Nor, To A Greater Extent, In Europe, Self-identifies As Religious. Therefore, One Might Recognise The Targeting Of Political Conservatives And Faith Communities (Not Simply Islamic) If One Wants To Define Victimised Groups In A Current Setting. Modern Marxists, However, Are Still Committed To The Political, Social, Racial, And Economic Realities Of The 1960s And 1930s, Just Like A Member Of The Clergy Looks To The Holy Scriptures For Inspiration And Guidance.

There Are Various Ways To Organise An Intellectual Or Activist Group Around The Question Of Who Is And Is Not Oppressed, But The Two Most Important Are Based On Race And Class. The Issue That Contemporary Marxists Appear Less Willing To Resolve Is Class, Though. In The Twenty-first Century, It Should Follow That If One Considers Themselves Anti-capitalists, They Also Dislike Large-scale Government. Why? Because The Ambitious Size And Scope Of Transnational Corporatism Has Grown Hand In Hand With The Size And Scope Of Government, Which Unlike The Wwi/ii Era Is Totally Invested In “Global Integration.” Wall Street Wealth Creators Provide Funding For Both The Left And Right Political Parties In The United States. (However, The Scam Never Ends: Many On The Left Still Hold To The Fallacy That The Rich Will Increase Their Own Taxes Rather Than Forcing It On The Working Class In The Form Of Escalating Inflation, And That Affluent Mega-donors To The Democrat Party Want To “Pay Their Fair Share.” Sadly, We Got The Humour.)

One Only Needs To Consider The Reality That Politicians On Both Sides Of The Political Spectrum Stopped Enforcing Anti-trust Laws Around 70 Years Ago. Whatever Progressives Are Promoting As “Socialism” Doesn’t Truly Qualify Because Politicians Show Little Enthusiasm In Confronting The Established System. From The 1970s To The Present, Transnational “Cooperation” And Governance—the Very Structures That The Liberal International Order Dominates—have Risen To Prominence. (Compare This To The 1990s Wto Protests Where, For A Brief While, The Working/middle Classes On The Right And The Left, Both American, Canadian, And European, Marched Side By Side, Albeit For Different Causes.)

Despite All The Talk About Making The World “Fairer” Coming From The World Economic Forum And Elsewhere, As Well As The Seductive Arguments In Favour Of A “Transition” To Combat Climate Change, The Public-private Concentration Of Immense Wealth And Power Can Only Increase. This Is Due In Part To The Left’s Continued Belief In The False Promise Of Expanded Services And Safety Nets For “The People,” Which Do Little To Take Into Account The Reality That Big Gov. Therefore, Socialist Utopias And Anti-capitalism Cannot Coexist. In Reality, One Must Support Ever-expanding Companies To Fuel The Globalist Economic Model That Is Speeding Up Climate Change And Is Also Responsible For Rising Taxes, Increased Government Control, And Generous Wealth Transfer Plans.

Above All, Marxism Is Unprepared To Address The Climate Catastrophe In A Cohesive Manner. Understanding That Rising Co2 Emissions Coincide With Rising Globalisation, A Pragmatic Individual Might Shift To Smaller Government And More Antitrust Enforcement. A Less Dogmatic Person Might Opt For The Sensible Strategy Of Encouraging Infrastructure And Jobs Located In The United States. Reshoring Food And Energy Production Would Be A Crucial Economic Objective If Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Were The Main Objective. (While We Stand To Reduce American Co2 Emissions By Buying What We Require From Far-off Producers, 1990s Offshoring/transport Practises Are Not Ideal For Reducing Worldwide Co2 Emissions.) Sadly, A Lot Of These Arguments Go Unheard Because The Progressive/socialist Side Of Politics Has Boxed Itself Into An Ideological Corner, Which Holds That “America First” Is Essentially Racist, Nationalist, And Protectionist.