A Treasury Of Classic Mystery Stories

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Émile Gaboriau
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A Treasury Of Classic Mystery Stories Book PDF Free Download. Overview, Get Book, Analysis, Quotes, Reviews.

A Treasury Of Classic Mystery Stories PDF Free Download

“A Treasury Of Classic Mystery Stories” Is A Treasure Trove For Avid Mystery Lovers, Carefully Curated To Bring Together Some Of The Finest And Most Iconic Works In The Genre.

This Anthology, A Labor Of Love By The Esteemed Editor, Celebrates The Enduring Appeal Of Mystery Fiction And Showcases The Talents Of Legendary Authors Who Have Shaped The Genre Over The Years. With A Diverse Selection Of Stories That Span Different Eras And Styles, This Collection Promises To Take Readers On An Enthralling Journey Into The World Of Mystery And Intrigue.


The Anthology Presents A Handpicked Assortment Of Classic Mystery Stories From Renowned Writers, Featuring Tales That Have Stood The Test Of Time And Left An Indelible Mark On The Genre.

It Embraces A Wide Spectrum Of Mystery Themes, From Traditional Whodunits To Atmospheric Tales Of Suspense And Puzzles That Challenge The Intellect. Readers Will Encounter Familiar Names Like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, And More, Each Contributing Their Unique Brand Of Mystery Brilliance.

Within These Pages, Readers Will Encounter The Brilliant Detective Deductions Of Sherlock Holmes And Hercule Poirot, As Well As The Eerie And Unsettling Worlds Crafted By Edgar Allan Poe And H.p. Lovecraft.

The Anthology Also Offers An Exploration Of Psychological Mysteries And Chilling Tales That Defy Rational Explanations. From The Foggy Streets Of Victorian London To The Haunted Mansions Of Secluded Estates, “A Treasury Of Classic Mystery Stories” Transports Readers To A Realm Of Thrilling And Imaginative Storytelling.


  • “When You Have Eliminated The Impossible, Whatever Remains, However Improbable, Must Be The Truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, “The Sign Of Four”
  • “The Scariest Monsters Are The Ones That Lurk Within Our Souls.” – Edgar Allan Poe, “The Tell-tale Heart”
  • “Every Murderer Is Probably Somebody’s Old Friend.” – Agatha Christie, “The Mysterious Affair At Styles”
  • “I Became Insane, With Long Intervals Of Horrible Sanity.” – Edgar Allan Poe, “The Fall Of The House Of Usher”
  • “The Oldest And Strongest Emotion Of Mankind Is Fear, And The Oldest And Strongest Kind Of Fear Is Fear Of The Unknown.” – H.p. Lovecraft, “Supernatural Horror In Literature”


  • “A Gem For Mystery Enthusiasts! This Anthology Captures The Essence Of Classic Mystery Fiction And Showcases The Genre’s Best Works. A Must-read For Any Lover Of Whodunits And Suspenseful Tales.” – (Mystery Enthusiast Magazine)
  • “A Delightful Collection That Brings Together The Luminaries Of Mystery Fiction. Each Story Is A Testament To The Enduring Appeal Of The Genre And Its Ability To Captivate Readers Across Generations.” – (Literary Review Weekly)
  • “An Impressive Compilation Of Some Of The Finest Mysteries Ever Written. This Anthology Serves As A Perfect Introduction For Newcomers And A Nostalgic Journey For Longtime Fans.” – (Goodreads Review)


“A Treasury Of Classic Mystery Stories” Offers A Captivating Analysis Of The Evolution Of Mystery Fiction And Its Lasting Impact On Literature. The Anthology Showcases The Genius Of Its Featured Authors, Each Of Whom Contributed Significantly To Shaping The Genre’s Conventions And Tropes.

The Collection Highlights The Versatility Of Mystery Storytelling, From The Meticulous Logic Of Classic Detectives To The Macabre And Eerie Atmospheres Created By Pioneers Of Gothic And Psychological Horror. The Stories Not Only Entertain But Also Explore The Human Psyche, Fear, And The Darker Aspects Of The Human Condition.

The Editor’s Meticulous Curation Allows Readers To Explore The Diverse Facets Of Mystery Fiction And Appreciate The Timeless Appeal Of These Classic Works. Whether Readers Seek Intellectual Puzzles, Thrilling Adventures, Or Spine-chilling Encounters, The Anthology Caters To Every Mystery Lover’s Tastes.

Get The Book:

“A Treasury Of Classic Mystery Stories” Is Readily Available At Major Bookstores And Online Retailers. Mystery Enthusiasts Can Dive Into This Captivating Anthology In Various Formats, Including Hardcover, Paperback, And E-book, Ensuring A Delightful Reading Experience For All.

More By The Author:

The Editor Of This Anthology Is A Prominent Figure In The Literary World, Known For Their Passion And Expertise In Mystery Fiction. They Have Curated Other Notable Anthologies, Each Offering Unique Insights Into Specific Subgenres And Themes. Some Of Their Other Works Include:

  • “Great Detective Duos: Classic Crime Stories” – A Collection Of Tales Featuring Dynamic Duos Of Sleuths In Thrilling Adventures.
  • “Chilling Tales Of Suspense: Gothic And Supernatural Mysteries” – An Anthology Of Eerie And Unsettling Stories From The Realm Of Gothic And Supernatural Fiction.
  • “The Mind’s Eye: Psychological Thrillers” – A Compilation Of Mysteries That Delve Into The Intricacies Of The Human Mind And Emotions.
  • Each Of The Editor’s Works Promises An Enriching Journey Into The Vast Landscape Of Mystery Fiction.

In Conclusion, “A Treasury Of Classic Mystery Stories” Is An Irresistible Compilation For Mystery Enthusiasts.

With Its Carefully Selected Tales, Thought-provoking Quotes, Insightful Analysis, And More By The Author, This Anthology Stands As A Testament To The Timelessness And Enduring Allure Of Mystery Literature. It Is A Must-have Addition To Any Avid Reader’s Bookshelf And A Delightful Gift For Those Seeking Thrilling Tales Of Mystery And Suspense.