1st to Die

"Experience gripping suspense and female camaraderie in "1st to Die," a best-selling crime thriller by James Patterson. Join the Women's Murder Club as they unravel a series of chilling murders on wedding nights. A must-read for mystery enthusiasts. Get your copy now!"
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“1st to Die” is an enthralling crime thriller penned by renowned author James Patterson. Published in 2001, it serves as the first installment in the Women’s Murder Club series, introducing readers to a group of fierce and talented women working together to solve complex murder cases. Blending suspense, action, and gripping characters, the novel has garnered widespread acclaim and captured the imaginations of mystery lovers worldwide.

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Set in San Francisco, “1st to Die” follows the story of Inspector Lindsay Boxer, a brilliant and tenacious homicide detective. When a series of horrifying murders rock the city, Lindsay assembles the Women’s Murder Club, a group that includes a medical examiner, a reporter, and an assistant district attorney, to help her crack the case. The victims, all newlyweds, are brutally killed on their wedding nights, leaving the police baffled and the public in fear.

As the investigation unfolds, the Women’s Murder Club faces several obstacles and red herrings, taking readers on a rollercoaster ride of suspense and intrigue. The women use their unique skills and perspectives to navigate through the twists and turns, inching closer to the sinister truth behind the murders. Along the way, they forge unbreakable bonds and challenge gender stereotypes in the male-dominated world of law enforcement.


“1st to Die is an addictive page-turner that will leave readers glued to the edge of their seats. Patterson masterfully weaves together a complex web of suspense and keeps you guessing until the very end.” – The New York Times

“A brilliant start to an exhilarating series, 1st to Die introduces a group of strong and relatable female characters who redefine crime-solving. A must-read for any mystery enthusiast.” – Booklist

“Patterson delivers another gripping bestseller, and this time, the focus on female camaraderie and empowerment adds a refreshing twist to the genre.” – Publishers Weekly


“The Women’s Murder Club: four brilliant minds, one unstoppable force.”
“In the face of darkness, these women stand as beacons of justice.”
“San Francisco’s deadliest game begins with the ‘1st to Die.'”


Q : Is “1st to Die” suitable for young adult readers?
A : The novel contains graphic descriptions of violence and mature themes, making it more suitable for adult audiences.

Q : Are the subsequent books in the Women’s Murder Club series interconnected, or can they be read as stand-alone novels?
A : While each book features a distinct case, the characters’ development and relationships progress throughout the series. It is recommended to read them in order for a fuller experience.

Q : Does the Women’s Murder Club series have a strong feminist undertone?
A : Yes, the series celebrates the strength and intelligence of women in traditionally male-dominated fields and emphasizes the power of collaboration and support.

Q : Are there any movie or TV adaptations of “1st to Die”?
A : As of the knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there were no official movie or TV adaptations of “1st to Die.” However, given its popularity, it is possible that adaptations might have been considered after that date.

“1st to Die” is a captivating crime thriller that showcases James Patterson’s storytelling prowess. With its intriguing plot, well-developed characters, and empowering themes, the novel leaves readers hungry for more of the Women’s Murder Club adventures. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Patterson or new to the series, this book promises an exciting journey through the dark alleys of crime and justice.